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The Holding Company's extensive range of home storage solutions are regularly featured in various media publications (both online and off line) as well as interior design TV shows.
Please take a look at a selection of some of the recent articles and press releases by clicking on the links provided below
ITV This Morning
Junk the Junk
27th March 2013
Storage boxes-£13
February 12th 2013
PowerBank Beam -£29.95
S Magazine
February 10th 2013
Get this must have selection
Styled Foam Seat-£179
The Independent Newspaper
January 4th 2013
Thank you Trish Lorenz for writing a great article about getting organised. 
Underbed Storage Basket-£85

The Herald
Grown Up Guest Rooms
December 2012
Oak Book Shelf-£225
Bridge For Design
Winter 2012
The International Resource For Interior Design
Orange Conbuki Book Rack-£125

You Magazine Xmas Gift Guide
November 2012
Treats For Teens
Lens Bean Bag-£139

Your Home Magazine
October 2012
How to create a clutter-free kitchen
Chrome Kitchen Rack - £260

October 2012
Contraso Garment Rack-£209

Ideal Home Magazine
September 2012
Back to school ideas
Magazine file Box-£11
Document Box-£6.60

Ideal Home Magazine
August 2012
Drive out Garage Clutter

House Beautiful
August 2012
Stylish storage solutions for your hall
3 Basket Bench Seat - £299

Good Homes
July 2012
Stylish wall pockets can be used to keep paperwork tidy
Wall Pockets - £21.00

Country Homes & Interiors
June 2012
Bedroom storage ideas

Homes and Garden
May 2012
Home office storage solutions
Pandanus Magazine File -£20

Marie Claire
April 2012
Be a bit more adventurous with you home office
storage boxes
Letterbox Oskar-£10

Country Home and Interiors
March 2012
A wonderful selection of storage boxes and baskets have
been featured this month.

Feb 2012
A very clever solution for a coffee table
Ulrika Document Box-£11
Belfast Telegraph
Friday January 6th 2012
 Detox your home for the New Year.
Annie Deakin finds space for new Chrismas toys and increases home storage for 2012, with a few special tips from storage expert Suzanne Baker from The Holding Company. Sort, organise and put away are important rules to keep clutter to a minimum in your home.
Space Saver Bags -£17.80
Coat Rack with Hat Shelf - £159
Expanding Shelf Organiser - £13

Prima Magazine
January 2012
Clean it, sort it, store it.
Simple ways to get your house in order.
Don't let papers pile up. Follow some simple tricks for success. Use some of the following products to keep things in order.
Love Home Website
November 2011

Utilise the space under the bed

Love Home Website,  love our underbed storage product that makes the most of what is often wasted space. Fill them with shoes, bedding or out of season clothing.
underbed storage - £85
The Times Luxx Magazine Saturday September 24th 2011
It is so nice for all of us, at The Holding Company to see our fabulous Hat boxes used for styling on this wonderful page of gorgeous brogues and loafers. It just goes to show, how multi-functional our products are.
Hat Box-£8
The Daily Telegraph Saturday September 9th 2011
Top 5 small space solutions have included The Holding Company's medical popper box set to help keep medical supplies and first aid storage in order.
First Aid Box-£16.95
Evening Standard August 3rd 2011
Homes & Property Renting: portable chic
Thank you Barbara Chandler for choosing two of The Holding Company's products in this interesting article about sassy renters in London.
Magazine Board -£11
Laundry Bin - £19.95
The Daily Telegraph Saturday July 9th 2011
Style File Best Buys
Our fabulous Pantone chairs have been featured once again, these colour chairs are great for those for whom, a perfect match is essential.
Evening Standard June 22nd 2011
Shopping Homes and Property
Thank you Katie Law for including our Huge Mendong Box in your design trends feature. This excellent general purpose storage chest is great for storing products and looks fabulous as a coffee table.

Elle Decoration the authority on style and design, show casing the worlds most beautiful homes and good designs, has chosen The Holding Company's Beech trolley for their 9 of the best feature on trolleys.
Beech Trolley- £295
The Sunday Mirror Homes and Holidays
Sunday May 29th 2011
Drying a jumper is one of my hang-ups
Drying jumpers can be so difficult, not so with the hanging sweater dryer.
What a fabulous idea this is! We all know sweaters should be dried flat, but how? One at a time on the top rungs of a traditional drying rack is the best you can do. Here we have the solution; a simple flat mesh hanger upon which you lay your jumper: problem solved
The Telegraph Property
Saturday May 7th 2011
'Clutter is the bane of many a household' writes Rosie Millard for The Telegraph Property in this great article Rosie explains that storage is closly aligned to its evil cousin clutter, and suggests that there is a 10-step guide to storage sanity. The first step and the most important place in the house for first impressions is of course the hallway and The Holding Company have many solutions to keep this area organised and tidy.
The bedroom is the second key storage area in the home. Clothes should be neatly put away in colour if possible, and out of season clothing can be quickly bagged up using the Pack-Mate space storage system.  Underbed storage is another way to use unwanted wasted space.
Clear storage boxes are a must that can be used in almost every room, these are ideal for storing shoes and accessories
The Sunday Telegraph
February 20th 2011
Ditch the Detritus
Jon Ramsey of was able to use his wonderful skill as a declutterer
extraordinaire to wade through Bryony Gordon's 'floordrobe' with amazing results.
Featured products Chrome Shoe Rack - £21.95
Real Homes Magazine
March 2011
Storage Ideas for Every Room
If you're without the luxury of a separate home office and dont want an ugly filing cabinet in your sitting room, pick a storage design that complements the furniture in the rest of the room.
Look out for kitchen storage ideas that will maximise any small area in your kitchen with these stylish zinc cabinets.

March 2011
The Edited choice in this homes magazine for modern living has chosen our stylish red document boxes. Their advise is to treat filing as a chance to add decorative detailing to a sometime boring task.  We all agree with this at The Holding Company. It is important to keep this mundane task up to date
Featured product Document Box-£29

Bridge for Design
The International Resource For Interior Design
This sylish magazine has once again included a range of our office storage boxes
for their winter 2010 magazine.

The Daily Telegraph
Bargain Hunter in Property Section
December 1st 2010
Do your recycling efforts stack up against these?

Saving valuable  floor space the opaque washable bins stack together.
Sort out your bottles, cans and papers in style.

The Saturday Telegraph
November 20th 2010
Five of The Best for Wood
For the best way to store wood this winter use a versistle sturdy seagrass  basket.
These gorgeous two tone oval baskets make wonderful log baskets. Sturdy and hardwearing they look great too, with their two-colour chequered pattern.
The Saturday Telegraph
October 23rd 2010
Chrome Kitchen Rack with wine shelves
Ideal Home
September 2010
The Big Storage Issue
Pantone chairs and tins have been featured in this seasonal ideas issue.
Showing as they do specific colours and their reference codes. A benefit to this is that you  can be certain of precisely which colour you'll be getting! Great for those for whom a perfect match is essential. 
Featured Product Pantone Chair-£54.00
Featured Product Pantone Box-£18.50
September 2010
Creative Work Spaces
'Your home office can be a buzzy hub of ideas or a haven of calm' The Holding Company's office storage products will help make this happen.
Featured product Magazine File Box-£11

August 16th 2010
The Big Fashion Detox
Now that the summer season is coming to an end, sort out  your wardrobe with the help of The Holding Company's wonderful selection of fibreboard storage boxes. Organise your wardrobe by grouping basics into one place.
If you need extra wardrobe space indulge in a delightful fabulous Italian unit on wheels.
Featured product  Shoe Box- £17
Featured product Inge Box-£13
July 20th-17th August has teamed up with The Holding Company with a fantastic competition.
Just answer the multiple choice question correctly, and one lucky winner will win a set of fabulous Pandanus boxes in various sizes the total prize value is over £200.

Bridge For Design 
Summer 2010

This international resource for interior design has once again choosen some of our  best selling products.The summer's coolest colour turquoise is now available in Pantone chairs  and boxes.
Featured product Pantone Colour Chairs -£54.00
Featured product Pantone Colour Boxes -£18.50 
14th June 2010
Selfridges named world's best department store
The Holding Company congratulates Selfridges on this very special award and are thrilled to have a concession in the world's best department store.

The Independent 28th May 2010
How to turn your home into a summer palace

Kate Watson-Smyth reminds us all that now is the time to prepare and get ready your house and garden for these warmer days.

Live web chat 20th May 2010
Storage Ideas For Every Room
If you happened to be online between 1-2pm today and were on housetohomes website you would have seen storage questions being answered by our very own Suzanne, decluttering expert at The Holding Company. Suzanne was a fellow producer for 1 hour during this live web chat. We think she gave great informed answers to typical everyday storage dilemmas.  Check out this great site
Evening Standard Wednesday 19th May 2010

Even Recycling Can Be Done By Design


It is easier to develop consistent recycling habits if you make your system as convenient as possible and part of your daily routine.  Choose a spot in or near the kitchen where most waste is generated. Our friends at Evening Standard on the Homes & Property section have featured our design led recycling bins, labeled, glass, paper and plastic and 1 2 3 on the reverse. These smart recycling bins make the job easier.   

Red June 2010pantone 2.jpg

Sugar Coated Cool.


A cool contemporary chair that looks great in a modern office studio or kitchen. These great range of chairs that are available in seven different colours, are a bestseller at The Holding Company.  Shown in a candy coloured setting it conjures up summer at its best.


The Knitter 2010 issue 18
Knitting is undergoing a phenomenal surge in popularity, wool sales are up 40%. This month
The Knitter magazine is featuring The Holding Company's cedar wood hearts. These have
been choosen as the best for luxury choice of moth-repellent products. The fragrance of cedar wood is a successful moth deterrent. Simply place them in your drawers and the gentle scent will gradually be released.
Livingetc June 2010
Article: decorating ideas
This month's Livingect has a superb idea for using our Diamond Drawer Organiser.This
wonderful product snaps together to form 32 individual compartments: great for sorting out
socks and underwear but equally great for keeping tidy cables and chargers.
GoodHomes May 2010

Zesty Lemon Living Room
Goodhomes have used many of The Holding Company's fabulous storage products in this issue.  We have had many customers who have wanted to recreate the complete look that was featured over not only one, but two pages. We think the stylist from Goodhomes  has certainly got great taste.  If you would like these cool contemporary furniture, and storage tins in your home please click on the link below:

Ideal Home Magazine  May 2010
Article: Scandinavian Style
Featured Product: Wicker Basket- £3.25

Daily Mail 14th April
Article: Box clever: Puma to replace traditional cardboard shoe
packaging with eco-friendly bag:
Now more than ever you will need The Holding Company's Shoe Cubbies perfect for shoe organisation

Featured Product: Shoe Cubby Set-£60

Fabric Magazine April 2010
Article: The Organised Office
Featured Products: Magazine File Box-£11
Ideal Home Magazine  April 2010
Article: Stretch your living-room space
Featured Product: Inge Box- £13

Article: Storage Solutions for the modern home
Featured Product: QBO - £49
Livingetc March 2010 
Article: Living with shoes
Featured Product: Magic Box - £9.95
Ideal Home Magazine February 2010 
Article: Get more from your wardrobes

The Telegraph Sunday 31st January 2010
Article: Life Section - Five of the Best

On Interiors December 2009
Article: Room to Dream - A Luxury Interiors Home Walkthrough for 2010

Featured in the Sunday Mirror 13th  December 2009
Sainsbury's Magazine December 2009
Featured Product: Nimbus Hat Boxes - £12

Livingetc December 2009
Article: Living with Toys - Utilise Redundant Space
Telegraph Property - Saturday 28th November 2009
Article: Bargain Hunter by Alison Cork
Title: We wish you a tidy Christmas
Daily Mail Magazine 21st November 2009
Featured Products:

Trinny and October 2009
Article: Home and Food - Products to Buy: Our Recommendations
The Daily Telegraph Saturday 24th October 2009
Article: Refresh your home - Space Cadets
Ideal Home Magazine October 2009
Article: Bedroom Ideas
Featured Products:

You Magazine - Mail On Sunday 18th October 2009
Article: Interiors Special: Kitchens
Featured Products: 

The Jewish Chronicle 16th October 2009
Article: Own the earth? So save space contribution by Suzanne Baker
Featured Products:  
Cedar Eggs- £9
You Magazine - Mail On Sunday 11th October 2009
Article: Stitch Kit - All you need to get sewing
Featured Product: - Couture Tin - £16.95
The National (UAE) 10th October 2009
Article: Think outside the box to maximise storage - Decluttering discussion by Suzanne Baker with The National's Emily Davies
Ideal Home Magazine September 2009
Article: 10 Best Storage websites.
Cycling Weekly July 2009
Article: Gravity Bike Rack  
We also have products and articles coming up in the following publications:
Living Etc
Country Homes & Interiors
Red Magazine
House Beautiful
House & Garden
You Magazine (Mail on Sunday)
Your Home
Sainsbury's Magazine
Homes & Gardens
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