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Here at The Holding Company we are dedicated to helping our customers solve their common, every day storage nightmares.
Here we have a few simple suggestions you may like to follow, to help you keep your clutter organised.
Home Office

All of us need to keep on top of domestic paperwork, bills etc., and the only way to do this is by efficient filing. A little organisation makes your life so much easier, saving you time and reducing stress into the bargain.
Storage for shoes is something we all need, and the bigger the family, the bigger the problem! 
There are two different approaches to tackling this issue in the bedroom - 'on display' or 'hidden away'.
  • You can make a bold statement whilst keeping your footwear neatly organised by creating a wall of see-through stacking drawers or cubbies, either against a wall or even as a striking room divider.
  • If you prefer the 'hidden away' approach, you can maximise the storage potential of your closets by grouping clothes by length and using the space created under the short garments  to stack acrylic drawers or cubbies or Chrome Shoe Racks. Easy!
  • For the hallway, use our Stacking Cedar Shoe Racks, these great-looking racks can go as high as you like, and will fill your hallway with the lovely aroma of natural cedar wood whilst repelling insects into the bargain...
It is easy to overlook the importance of the hall when dressing the home - a terrible oversight! It's the first impression you give to visitors, and stepping over a heap of coats or muddy shoes is not a brilliant start...
  • If your hallway is plagued by muddy football boots or wellies, keep a Utility/Boot Tray to hand - you'll save heaps of time cleaning up, and having the mess contained makes it a lot more bearable.
  • Having a unit or table such as our Six Basket Console Unit in the hall is a fantastic way to keep clutter contained.
    If you want to be super-organised, our Empty Pockets Tray really has a place for everything: phone, keys, small change etc.
  • Coats and jackets can easily take over your hall. We recommend a free-standing coat rack to keep the situation under control.
    We have bothcontemporary and more traditional styles. 
With the school holidays almost upon us, you know your kids will be too busy out playing to remember to put their toys away. So we have a few handy hints to help you keep the chaos to a minimum.
  • Off to the park, or playing in the garden? Keep muddy feet where they belong and off your clean floors with a Utility/Boot Tray.
  • Make packing toys away really quick and simple with a Jumbo toy bin.
    Or why not try our Disney themed chests to add some fun.
  • Preparing for lots of summer slumber parties? Use the space under your bed for storing extra bedding in our Split lid underbed boxes.
If there's one time when being organised and making the most of available space is truly essential, it's when you're on the move.  
  • To magically treble the capacity of your bag or case, use our amazing Pack-mate Vacuum Bags, simply fill them with your folded clothes and roll them up to expel the air- you will be truly astounded at how much space you've saved. 
  • Travel in your bulkiest shoes, giving you the maximum space for other items. Then fill the shoes you are packing with socks and underwear, and put them into Shoe Bags to protect your clothes.
  • To save time at security checks try our rather cheeky Nothing to Declare Bags.
  • Finally, save yourself stress and aggravation at the airport carousel by clearly marking your cases. Customise our Travel Pix Suitase Strap with permanent marker and never wonder 'is that case mine...?' again!
Having visitors to stay, wonderful though this is, can sometimes make things a little cramped at home! A little preparation before your guests arrive can really make a difference.
  • Why not make use of the redundant space behind doors with some overdoor hooks?
    Our Overdoor Valet Hook has additional space for clothes on hangers too.
  • If you have some spare closet space already, then the purchase of a few multi garment hangers will really maximise the storage potential of limited spaces.
  • If not, perhaps a  lightweight temporary wardrobe might be suitable?
Once your guests have gone and some semblance of normality is resumed, why not keep using these clever space-saving storage solutions yourself? We could all do with a little more room, after all!


We invest a small fortune in our clothes, and to protect your investment good hangers really are essential. If you’re still using those scrawny dry-cleaner style hangers, then shame on you! Bad hangers really can ruin your clothes.
  • If you use cedar hangers, not only will your wardrobe smell lovely, but the natural moth repellent qualities of the wood will mean you are protecting your clothes whilst you store them.
  • For those with limited hanging space, multi-garment hangers are a great way to save invaluable wardrobe inches. 
    They are also a handy helper for laundry - layer them up and hang on a radiator. When they are dry no need to sort the pile out, you can simply slip into your wardrobe.
    These and literally dozens more hangers for all purposes and budgets are available from us online.

Got a storage problem or question? Our team of specialists would love to help. Please call our hotline on 020 8445 2888 or send us an email by clicking here

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