Check out our superb range of stackable shoe boxes, to keep your collection neatly to hand an in perfect order.
  • Shoe Box KD (pack of two)

    Shoe Box KD (pack of two)

    Self-assembly recycled fibreboard shoe boxes with a window at the f...


  • Shoe Storage Box

    Shoe Storage Box

    These clear shoe boxes enable you to build your shoe storage as hig...



  • Clear Ladies Shoe Box

    Clear Ladies Shoe Box

    Two sizes of Ladies Shoe Boxes is durable clear plastic



  • Kids Shoe Box

    Kids Shoe Box

    Clear plastic storage boxes for children's shoes


  • Clear Men's Shoe Box

    Clear Men's Shoe Box

    Men's Shoe rack in durable transparent plastic



  • Rectangular Mendong Boxes - Set of 4

    Rectangular Mendong Boxes - Set of 4

    Very chic and great value storage boxes; perfect for storing shoes,...



  • Mendong Box

    Mendong Box

    Chic, great value storage boxes perfect for storing shoes or jumper...


  • Woven Rectangular Box Natural

    Woven Rectangular Box Natural

    Beautiful storage boxes made from woven pandanus grass on a sturdy ...