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Coat Stands/Hooks

Everyone needs somewhere to store yours and your visitors' overcoats, keep your hallway neat and tidy with our wide range of coatstands, coat racks and hooks.

See our extensive range of coat storage solutions so you can have a chaos free hallway. Our free standing coat racks are simply lovely and make a feature of what can be a rather dull item - and our overdoor hooks enable you to utilise the space behind doors without the need for drilling.

The Holding Company is one of the largest home storage companies on the web and has been offering hallway storage solutions for over 15 years.

From a new umbrella stand to shoe racks, we are certain we will have something to compliment your bathroom.

  •  Aluminium Coat Stand

  • Aluminium Coat Stand

    A very simple nicely made coat stand that would complement any interior, by Reisenthel.

  • SALE £67.60 was £104.00

  •  Axis Overdoor Double Hook

  • Axis Overdoor Double Hook

    This stainless steel overdoor double hook creates coat hanging space without drilling.

  • SALE £10.40 was £13.00

  •  Black Metal Coat Stand

  • Black Metal Coat Stand

    A coat stand in chunky glossy black metal; perfect for the home or office

  • SALE £54.95 was £89.00

  •  Overdoor Valet

  • Overdoor Valet

    This clever piece combines an overdoor hook with space to hold four coat hangers perfect for creating additional hanging storage.

  • SALE £10.40 was £13.00

  •  Over Door Handbag Holder

  • Over Door Handbag Holder

    Get your handbags organized with this super handy over door handbag holder.

  • SALE £7.16 was £8.95

  •  Overdoor Six Hook Rack

  • Overdoor Six Hook Rack

    Rack of six chrome hooks that hang over the door without any need for drilling.

  • SALE £28.00 was £35.00

  •  Aluminium Coat/Umbrella Stand

  • Aluminium Coat/Umbrella Stand

    Our coat stand by Reisenthel comes with four pegs and an integrated umbrella stand; the ideal hallway storage solution.

  • SALE £70.85 was £109.00

  •  Axis Overdoor 3 Hook Rack

  • Axis Overdoor 3 Hook Rack

    A no fuss storage solution with no drilling required - provides plenty of hanging space.

  • SALE £18.40 was £23.00

  •  Overdoor Single Hook

  • Overdoor Single Hook

    Create coat hanging space without drilling, with our fantastic Interdesign overdoor storage hook.

  • SALE £7.96 was £9.95

  •  Overdoor Double Hook

  • Overdoor Double Hook

    Create extra hanging space in seconds without any drilling with our interDesign overdoor double hook.

  • SALE £9.60 was £12.00

  •  4 Hook Cedar Coat Rack

  • 4 Hook Cedar Coat Rack

    Wall mounting Cedar Wood rack from Woodlore with metal hooks to hang your coats.

  • SALE £20.77 was £31.95

  •  Axis Overdoor 5 Hook Rack

  • Axis Overdoor 5 Hook Rack

    A great storage overdoor rack that will create extra hanging space without the need for drilling.

  • SALE £26.40 was £33.00

  •  White Coat Rack

  • White Coat Rack

    Trellis style concertina wooden coat rack with four pegs.

  • £19.95

  •  Classico 3 Hook Rack

  • Classico 3 Hook Rack

    A real space maker - get those untidy things hung over the door with this 3 hook over door rack

  • SALE £12.80 was £16.00

  •  Wave Coat Rack

  • Wave Coat Rack

    An eye-catching wall mounted coat rack.Holds up to 15 coats on its 5 peaks.

  • SALE £45.00 was £49.00

  •  Zinc Storage Locker

  • Zinc Storage Locker

    A classic school locker in zinc; perfect in the office or home for coats or general storage.

  • SALE £199.00 was £300.00

  •  Tree Coat Stand

  • Tree Coat Stand

    An Italian designed and manufactured top quality beech coat stand

  • £259.00

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