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Shoe Storage

Shoe racks, shoe boxes, storage drawers and cubbies can all be found here at The Holding Company.

Everyone needs a place to keep their shoe storage neat and tidy. At The Holding Company we have a huge range of shoe storage solutions; including shoe boxes, shoe racks, wooden shoe storage and a number of clever shoe storage ideas to make keeping your shoe collection organised easy and affordable.

  •  Shoe Storage: Small Drawer

  • Shoe Storage: Small Drawer

    Want to store your shoes dust free? Look no further than our exclusive acrylic stacking shoe storage.

  • £10.95

  •  Shoe Storage Box

  • Shoe Storage Box

    These clear shoe boxes enable you to build your shoe storage as high as you want without disturbing the tower.

  • £14.95

  •  Beige Mesh Shoe Storage

  • Beige Mesh Shoe Storage

    A clever hanging shoe storage solution - holds ten pairs of ladies shoes or five pairs of mens.

  • £11.95

  •  Overdoor Shoe Rack

  • Overdoor Shoe Rack

    This hanging shoe storage idea is a great space saving shoe storage system.

  • £39.95

  •  Lidded Basket

  • Lidded Basket

    Lidded storage baskets great for shoe storage and boots - perfect for the bedroom.

  • £15.00

  •  Mendong Box

  • Mendong Box

    Chic, great value shoe storage boxes perfect for storing shoes or jumpers and shirts.

  • £12.50

  •  Pandanus Rectangular Box

  • Pandanus Rectangular Box

    Gorgeous storage boxes made from woven pandanus grass on sturdy card backing; ideal for home or office storage.

  • £9.00

  •  Chrome Shoe Rack

  • Chrome Shoe Rack

    Expandable shoe storage rack; making sure you can make the most of your shoe storage.

  • £21.95

  •  Horizontal Shoe Rack

  • Horizontal Shoe Rack

    Keep shoes tidy and off the floor with this horizontal shoe rack

  • SALE £46.00 was £50.00

  •  Top for Shoe Cubby

  • Top for Shoe Cubby

    Our shoe storage cubbies can be completed with this top, a great way to keep the dust away.

  • £9.95

  •  SOS Cirage Box

  • SOS Cirage Box

    Keep your shoe cleaning kit in this neat little storage box

  • SALE £10.95 was £13.45

  •  Shoe Bin

  • Shoe Bin

    Great value stacking plastic shoe storage bins; great for the bedroom or to utilise unused wardrobe storage space.

  • £13.95

  •  Pandanus Rectangular Box

  • Pandanus Rectangular Box

    Beautiful storage boxes made from woven pandanus grass on a sturdy card backing.

  • SALE £21.60 was £27.00

  •  Boot Shapers

  • Boot Shapers

    Preserve the shape and life of your boots with these adjustable boot shapers.

  • £15.45

  •  Kids Shoe Box

  • Kids Shoe Box

    Clear plastic storage boxes for children's shoes

  • £6.95

  •  Metal Shoe Box

  • Metal Shoe Box

    Italian metal shoe storage tin perfect for storing under the bed or in the wardrobe.

  • £25.00

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