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Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage Solutions from The Holding Company

Finding somewhere to store your shoes can often be quite a pain. Shoes are one of the biggest cuplrits for cluttering up a home and the more shoes you have the bigger the problem becomes!

What Options are there for Shoe Storage?

There are quite a few possibilities for storing your shoes, depending on the amount and area you wish to keep them. Shoe racks are the more traditional solution and can go where they fit.

Or if you have an ever expanding shoe collection our stackable shoe boxes are ideal!

  •  Shoe Storage: Small Drawer

  • Shoe Storage: Small Drawer

    Want to store your shoes dust free? Look no further than our exclusive acrylic stacking shoe storage.

  • £10.95

  •  Shoe Storage Box

  • Shoe Storage Box

    These clear shoe boxes enable you to build your shoe storage as high as you want without disturbing the tower.

  • £14.95

  •  Chrome Shoe Rack

  • Chrome Shoe Rack

    Expandable shoe storage rack; making sure you can make the most of your shoe storage.

  • £21.95

  •  Utility/Boot Tray

  • Utility/Boot Tray

    Plastic tray for muddy boots or trainers; perfect for keeping those muddy footprints off the hallway floor.

  • £11.00

  •  Lidded Basket

  • Lidded Basket

    Lidded storage baskets great for shoe storage and boots - perfect for the bedroom.

  • £15.00

  •  Beige Mesh Shoe Storage

  • Beige Mesh Shoe Storage

    A clever hanging shoe storage solution - holds ten pairs of ladies shoes or five pairs of mens.

  • £11.95

  •  Mendong Box

  • Mendong Box

    Chic, great value shoe storage boxes perfect for storing shoes or jumpers and shirts.

  • £12.50

  •  Horizontal Shoe Rack

  • Horizontal Shoe Rack

    Keep shoes tidy and off the floor with this horizontal shoe rack

  • SALE £46.00 was £50.00

  •  Pandanus Rectangular Box

  • Pandanus Rectangular Box

    Gorgeous storage boxes made from woven pandanus grass on sturdy card backing; ideal for home or office storage.

  • £9.00

  •  Overdoor Shoe Rack

  • Overdoor Shoe Rack

    This hanging shoe storage idea is a great space saving shoe storage system.

  • £39.95

  •  Kids Shoe Box

  • Kids Shoe Box

    Clear plastic storage boxes for children's shoes

  • £6.95

  •  SOS Cirage Box

  • SOS Cirage Box

    Keep your shoe cleaning kit in this neat little storage box

  • SALE £10.95 was £13.45

  •  Top for Shoe Cubby

  • Top for Shoe Cubby

    Our shoe storage cubbies can be completed with this top, a great way to keep the dust away.

  • £9.95

  •  Boot Shapers

  • Boot Shapers

    Preserve the shape and life of your boots with these adjustable boot shapers.

  • £15.45

  •  Metal Shoe Box

  • Metal Shoe Box

    Italian metal shoe storage tin perfect for storing under the bed or in the wardrobe.

  • £25.00

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