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InterDesign storage solutions for the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. If you are looking for clever storage ideas, or space saving storage look no further.

We have sold the fantastic range of InterDesign storage solutions since the day we opened. Everything they produce is superb quality and looks great - their space-saving organisers have a million and one uses and really help to to maximise the storage potential of your home.

  •  Stacking Organiser

  • Stacking Organiser

    Three sizes of stackable acrylic storage pots from InterDesign

  • SALE £5.16 was £6.45

  •  Clarity Bath Tote

  • Clarity Bath Tote

    Multi section bathroom organiser with carry handle, by InterDesign

  • SALE £14.21 was £31.20

  •  Una Kitchen Bins

  • Una Kitchen Bins

    Two sizes of durable plastic storage bins from InterDesign

  • SALE £11.56 was £14.45

  •  Stack & Slide Basket

  • Stack & Slide Basket

    Two sizes of mix and match stackable storage baskets by InterDesign

  • SALE £11.56 was £14.45

  •  5-Hook Rack

  • 5-Hook Rack

    Simply hang this rack over any door and you have a practical storage solution ready-to-go.

  • SALE £21.56 was £26.95

  •  Egg Holder

  • Egg Holder

    Clear plastic box for storing eggs in your fridge

  • SALE £9.98 was £16.45

  •  Shower Curtain

  • Shower Curtain

    Top quality shower curtain by InterDesign

  • SALE £16.30 was £29.95

  •  Handle Basket

  • Handle Basket

    Stacking plastic storage baskets for the bathroom or kitchen from our popular interDesign range.

  • SALE £5.26 was £9.95

  •  Axis Overdoor Double Hook

  • Axis Overdoor Double Hook

    This stainless steel overdoor double hook creates coat hanging space without drilling.

  • SALE £4.85 was £14.45

  •  Over Door Towel Rail

  • Over Door Towel Rail

    A supremely practical brushed stainless steel towel rail in two sizes; great for the kitchen or bathroom. By Interdesign.

  • SALE £13.56 was £16.95

  •  Suction Basket

  • Suction Basket

    interDesign suction basket for kitchen or bathroom storage; perfect for tiled or glass surfaces where drilling is not an option.

  • SALE £13.56 was £16.95

  •  Overdoor Six Hook Rack

  • Overdoor Six Hook Rack

    Rack of six chrome hooks that hang over the door without any need for drilling.

  • SALE £30.76 was £38.45

  •  Over Door Two Tier Basket

  • Over Door Two Tier Basket

    Double tier chrome storage basket that hangs from your cupboard door to give you convenient, discreet extra storage space.

  • SALE £26.36 was £32.95

  •  Suction Cup

  • Suction Cup

    A half-circle cup held in place by suction pads, perfect for bathroom storage.

  • SALE £3.16 was £3.95

  •  Turntable Linus

  • Turntable Linus

    Rotating kitchen shelf organiser from InterDesign

  • SALE £16.76 was £20.95

  •  Suction Combo Unit

  • Suction Combo Unit

    An all-in-one shower accessory with soap dish, basket and hooks, this clever interDesign suction basket is great for the bathroom.

  • SALE £11.69 was £34.95

  •  Gia Shower Caddy

  • Gia Shower Caddy

    Two tier rust-resistant shower caddy from InterDesign

  • SALE £31.16 was £38.95

  •  Axis Overdoor 5 Hook Rack

  • Axis Overdoor 5 Hook Rack

    A great storage overdoor rack that will create extra hanging space without the need for drilling.

  • SALE £14.21 was £35.95

  •  Powerlock Suction Shower Basket

  • Powerlock Suction Shower Basket

    Useful plastic shower basket held up by ultra strong suction cups by interDesign. Provides instant bathroom storage where ever needed.

  • SALE £6.72 was £14.45

  •  Overdoor Double Hook

  • Overdoor Double Hook

    Create extra hanging space in seconds without any drilling with our interDesign overdoor double hook.

  • SALE £9.60 was £12.00

  •  Classico 3 Hook Rack

  • Classico 3 Hook Rack

    A real space maker - get those untidy things hung over the door with this 3 hook over door rack

  • SALE £14.36 was £17.95

  •  Suction Corner Basket

  • Suction Corner Basket

    Wire storage basket held up by suction cups - ideal for kitchens or bathroom storage.

  • SALE £19.16 was £23.95

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