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Bedroom Storage Boxes

Lovely range of bedroom storage boxes. Organise your clothes, shoes, toys and games and rid your room of any clutter.

Want a clever way of decluttering your bedroom - why not invest in some bedroom storage boxes to get your clutter in order? We have a great range of cardboard boxes for books or paperwork, plastic storage boxes with lids for clothes or shoes storage and so much more. We are certain that what ever you need to store we will have a bedroom storage box that fits your needs.

The Holding Company is one of the largest home storage companies on the web and has been trading for over 15 years.

From hat boxes to shoe storage, we are certain we will have something to complement your household.

  •  Tore Storage Box

  • Tore Storage Box

    Get your storage sorted with these large volume storage boxes perfect for the bedroom, office or living room.

  • £32.00

  •  Open Strapping Box

  • Open Strapping Box

    Great value super-versatile open storage baskets in three stylish colours

  • £16.95

  •  Albrekt Storage Box

  • Albrekt Storage Box

    Sturdy fibreboard storage box with indented metal handles; ideal for office storage.

  • £22.00

  •  Waterhyacinth Cube

  • Waterhyacinth Cube

    Beautiful autumnal storage baskets with hinged lids and integrated cut out handles.

  • SALE £26.40 was £33.00

  •  Square Pandanus Box

  • Square Pandanus Box

    Durable natural-looking boxes in a variety of useful sizes.

  • SALE £9.75 was £13.00

  •  Storage Box

  • Storage Box

    Tough pop up canvas boxes by Reisenthel with a folding wire frame; ideal for temporary storage.

  • £18.00

  •  Plastic Box with Snap-Down Lid

  • Plastic Box with Snap-Down Lid

    Three sizes of rugged multi purpose storage boxes in tough opaque plastic. Brilliant value plastic storage boxes with lids.

  • £5.95

  •  Wheeled Box

  • Wheeled Box

    Top quality laminated wheeled boxes from Bigso of Sweden.

  • £25.00

  •  Inge Boxes - Set of 3

  • Inge Boxes - Set of 3

    Set of three sturdy recycled fibreboard storage boxes in a range of colours; great for getting organised.

  • SALE £30.00 was £49.00

  •  Storage box

  • Storage box

    Tough canvas box by Reisenthel that pops up into shape with a folding wire frame.

  • £23.00

  •  Black Rectangular Mendong Box

  • Black Rectangular Mendong Box

    Stackable stylish black boxes with a woven grass covering; perfect for storing clothing, bedding, linen or for getting your wardrobe in order.

  • £12.50

  •  Rectangular Tissue Box Cover

  • Rectangular Tissue Box Cover

    This hand woven rattan cover sits over a standard box of facial tissues to tranform a dull box into something special.

  • £26.00

  •  Yangon Box

  • Yangon Box

    Three sizes of gorgeous varnished rattan lidded boxes - make your storage a stylish focus point rather than hiding it away.

  • £86.00

  •  Storage Box

  • Storage Box

    Tough canvas boxes by Reisenthel that fold flat and pop up into shape with a wire frame.

  • £18.00

  •  Storage Box

  • Storage Box

    Recycled fibreboard storage boxes with metal label plates so you can see what you have stored.

  • £11.00

  •  Erik Box Black

  • Erik Box Black

    Riveted open fibreboard box by Bigso of Sweden; perfect for keeping office work in order.

  • SALE £7.46 was £9.95

  •  SOS Couture Box

  • SOS Couture Box

    A French themed storage box for your sewing kit and accessories.

  • SALE £5.45 was £8.45

  •  Mes Echarpes Scarf Box

  • Mes Echarpes Scarf Box

    Storage box for scarves - great for tidying up the wardrobe, popping on a shelf or under the bed.

  • SALE £10.45 was £18.95

  •  Leather Mini Box

  • Leather Mini Box

    Keep cufflinks, watches and jewellery all in one place in this stylish real leather box lined with cotton.

  • £20.00

  •  Pandanus Mini Box

  • Pandanus Mini Box

    This small storage box is an ideal bedside holder for jewellery, cufflinks, watches etc.

  • £9.00

  •  Pandanus CD Box

  • Pandanus CD Box

    CD storage box covered in woven pandanus grass; perfect for the office or home.

  • £11.00

  •  Huge Mendong Box

  • Huge Mendong Box

    A great coffee table but also a perfect storage box for clothes or blankets.

  • £115.00

  •  Vide Poche Box

  • Vide Poche Box

    A quirky and useful storage box for the contents of your pockets.

  • SALE £5.45 was £8.45

  •  Storage Box Fruit

  • Storage Box Fruit

    Two sizes of 50s-style pastel boxes with blackboard front panels.

  • £10.95

  •  My Scarves Box

  • My Scarves Box

    Our French-designed My Scarves Box is a fantastic place to keep your scarves!

  • SALE £7.95 was £13.95

  •  Suedette Mini Box

  • Suedette Mini Box

    Lovely cotton-lined mini storage box; an ideal solution as a jewellery box or desk tidy.

  • £14.00

  •  Storage Box

  • Storage Box

    Collapsible storage boxes in stylish woven black plastic strapping by Reisenthel.

  • £25.00

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