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Filing Boxes

Get your home office organised and tidy, with our range of filing boxes, storage boxes and magazine files.

Create an organised, coordinated home office with our fantastic range of filing boxes. Add some colour to your desk and shelves with our bold range of file boxes and document storage boxes.

Or why not create an orderly haven with our more traditional coloured office boxes. Whether you need file boxes, A4 document boxes or magazine file boxes, you can be sure to find it here at The Holding Company.

The Holding Company is one of the largest home storage companies on the web and has been offering office storage solutions for over 15 years.

From DVD storage boxes to wastepaper bins, we are certain we will have something to complement your office.

  •  A4 Canvas Letterbox

  • A4 Canvas Letterbox

    Fantastic canvas file boxes in three fantastic new colours. Perfect for the office.

  • £13.00

  •  Canvas Filebox with 8 Files

  • Canvas Filebox with 8 Files

    A stylish portable filing system in sturdy fibreboard with attractive canvas in three stunning new colours.

  • £26.00

  •  Oskar A4 Letterbox

  • Oskar A4 Letterbox

    The fantastic file boxes are just great for getting your home office or bedroom in order. Make messy paperwork a thing of the past.

  • £13.00

  •  A4 Canvas Letterbox

  • A4 Canvas Letterbox

    Fantastic canvas file boxes great for getting your home, office or bedroom in order, from Bigso Of Sweden.

  • £13.00

  •  Tore Storage Box

  • Tore Storage Box

    Get your storage sorted with these large volume storage boxes perfect for the bedroom, office or living room.

  • £32.00

  •  Viktoria Magazine File

  • Viktoria Magazine File

    Keep your papers or magazine storage neat and tidy with this lovely magazine holder.

  • £11.00

  •  Magazine File

  • Magazine File

    Robust fibreboard magazine files perfect for the home or office.

  • £11.00

  •  A3 Canvas Letterbox

  • A3 Canvas Letterbox

    A stylish storage solution for outsize paperwork or general purpose storage.

  • £16.50

  •  File Box

  • File Box

    Stylish recycled fibreboard file box for organising the home office.

  • £16.00

  •  File Box Karl

  • File Box Karl

    Declutter your workspace with this useful filing box from our Bigso Of Sweden range.

  • £16.00

  •  Large Rattan File Box

  • Large Rattan File Box

    Handwoven rattan paper organiser, magazine rack or file box to keep your home or office organised.

  • £67.00

  •  Wall Pocket

  • Wall Pocket

    Our wall pocket in chunky acrylic is a great way to create some extra storage space.

  • £21.00

  •  Open A4 File Box

  • Open A4 File Box

    Open plastic organiser box for filing A4 paperwork by Bigso of Sweden.

  • £24.00

  •  Document Box

  • Document Box

    Keep your important documents safe in our luxury paperwork storage box.

  • £29.00

  •  Three Drawer Tower

  • Three Drawer Tower

    Great in the bathroom or as a wardrobe organiser, this plastic storage unit will have you organised in no time.

  • £43.95

  •  Pandanus Magazine File

  • Pandanus Magazine File

    Magazine file with a heavy duty card base and a woven pandanus grass covering.

  • SALE £16.00 was £20.00

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