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Boxes & Baskets

Boxes and baskets in all shapes and sizes with a million and one handy uses in your living area.

If you need to declutter look no further than our fantastic range of storage boxes and baskets. Perfect for anywhere in the home, these storage boxes will help you get get any mess organised. If you need a temporary storage solution we have a series of collapsible storage boxes. Or to get your shelves organised we have a great collection of storage baskets. What ever you need to store, we will have a storage box or basket for you. If you've a specific space in mind for your basket or box, don't forget to use our Refine Your Search function to narrow down your search by size.

  •  Tore Storage Box

  • Tore Storage Box

    Get your storage sorted with these large volume storage boxes perfect for the bedroom, office or living room.

  • SALE £20.80 was £32.00

  •  Wok Basket

  • Wok Basket

    Three sizes of chunky handmade weave round baskets; an ideal home storage solution.

  • £17.00

  •  Square Pandanus Box

  • Square Pandanus Box

    Durable natural-looking boxes in a variety of useful sizes.

  • SALE £8.45 was £13.00

  •  Waterhyacinth Cube

  • Waterhyacinth Cube

    Beautiful autumnal storage baskets with hinged lids and integrated cut out handles.

  • £33.00

  •  Rectangular Waterhyacinth Basket

  • Rectangular Waterhyacinth Basket

    Graphite-coloured handcrafted water hyacinth baskets; an ideal storage solution for all around the house.

  • SALE £12.35 was £19.00

  •  Open Strapping Box

  • Open Strapping Box

    Great value super-versatile open storage baskets in three stylish colours

  • £16.95

  •  Square Pandanus Box

  • Square Pandanus Box

    Durable natural-tone storage boxes in a variety of useful sizes; an ideal home storage solution.

  • SALE £9.75 was £15.00

  •  Rectangular Lidi Box

  • Rectangular Lidi Box

    Ultra sturdy cotton lined storage boxes in a variety of useful sizes.

  • SALE £11.99 was £24.00

  •  Square Mendong Box

  • Square Mendong Box

    Attractive woven mendong grass storage box on a robust card backing.

  • SALE £6.50 was £10.00

  •  Topi Basket Rattan

  • Topi Basket Rattan

    These striking baskets will bring a touch of the unusual to your storage.

  • £39.00

  •  Yangon Box

  • Yangon Box

    Three sizes of gorgeous varnished rattan lidded boxes - make your storage a stylish focus point rather than hiding it away.

  • £86.00

  •  Gebang Basket

  • Gebang Basket

    Natural coloured baskets; perfect for decluttering the home or office.

  • £12.00

  •  Storage Box Dots

  • Storage Box Dots

    Handy, collapsible storage box in three practical sizes by Reisenthel.

  • £13.95

  •  Square Lidi Box

  • Square Lidi Box

    Cotton-lined ultra-sturdy storage boxes in a variety of useful sizes.

  • £11.00

  •  Storage Box

  • Storage Box

    Collapsible storage boxes in stylish woven black plastic strapping by Reisenthel.

  • SALE £12.50 was £25.00

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