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Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets from The Holding Company! We have lined wicker baskets, large baskets, rattan wicker baskets, seagrass wicker baskets - many of which are hand woven.

If you are looking for the perfect wicker baskets to help tame your clutter and compliment your home, we have a variety of gorgeous wicker storage baskets in all sizes and styles.

  •  Lined Rattan Basket

  • Lined Rattan Basket

    Beautiful handwoven lined wicker baskets fitted with removable cotton liners; perfect for clothes storage.

  • £7.50

  •  Bathroom Basket

  • Bathroom Basket

    Handwoven rattan basket; perfect for bathroom storage as a toilet roll holder or in the living room to hold CDs.

  • £30.00

  •  Underbed Lined Basket

  • Underbed Lined Basket

    A lovely willow storage trunk with removable calico liner; perfect for utilising wasted underbed storage space.

  • £79.00

  •  Pantry Basket

  • Pantry Basket

    Heavy weight baskets perfect for organising the kitchen.

  • £16.00

  •  Wok Basket

  • Wok Basket

    Three sizes of chunky handmade weave round baskets; an ideal home storage solution.

  • £17.00

  •  Seagrass Oblong Basket

  • Seagrass Oblong Basket

    This lovely seagrass wicker basket is a great alternative to the traditional wicker basket.

  • £13.00

  •  Deep Lined Kobu Basket

  • Deep Lined Kobu Basket

    Beautifully handmade rigid lined baskets perfect for clothes storage or toiletries.

  • £25.00

  •  Round Jute Basket

  • Round Jute Basket

    Round multi-purpose storage baskets that looks great all around the house.

  • SALE £8.95 was £17.00

  •  Bakers Basket

  • Bakers Basket

    Long and shallow basket suitable for endless applications.

  • £20.00

  •  Water Hyacinth Wok Basket

  • Water Hyacinth Wok Basket

    Three sizes of round water hyacinth baskets with handles; a practical and stylish storage solution for the house.

  • £17.00

  •  Rattan Stair Basket

  • Rattan Stair Basket

    A beautiful way to keep those 'going up' or 'coming down' items in order

  • £30.00

  •  Bathroom Shelf Basket

  • Bathroom Shelf Basket

    Varnished woven rattan baskets with a handy cut out at the front; a perfect storage solution for shelving.

  • £35.00

  •  Lidded Basket

  • Lidded Basket

    Lidded storage baskets great for shoe storage and boots - perfect for the bedroom.

  • £15.00

  •  Seagrass Storage Basket

  • Seagrass Storage Basket

    Gorgeous natural seagrass wicker baskets that make great additions to any room.

  • SALE £4.95 was £12.00

  •  Topi Basket Rattan

  • Topi Basket Rattan

    These striking baskets will bring a touch of the unusual to your storage.

  • SALE £15.95 was £39.00

  •  Water Hyacinth Storage Basket

  • Water Hyacinth Storage Basket

    Our beautiful range of water hyacinth baskets are the perfect storage solution to create a warm autumnal look.

  • £19.00

  •  Gebang Basket

  • Gebang Basket

    Natural coloured baskets; perfect for decluttering the home or office.

  • £12.00

  •  Rattan Log Carry Basket

  • Rattan Log Carry Basket

    A new take on an old classic. The perfect storage solution for your logs.

  • SALE £36.95 was £54.00

  •  Shelf Basket

  • Shelf Basket

    These useful storage baskets will fit neatly anywhere, so are great for kitchen storage, bedroom storage or a great clothes storage solution.

  • £16.00

  •  Lined Basket Organiser

  • Lined Basket Organiser

    Lined baskets that create extra storage space in the wardrobe or the bedroom.

  • SALE £7.95 was £16.00

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