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Desk Tidy

Organise your desk with a desk tidy… everything you need to keep your office area neat, tidy and clutter-free: the perfect working environment.

Keep your desk neatly organised with our range of desk tidies and organisers. Whether you need to keep your pens tidy, organise your files and paperwork, or declutter your home office; we'll have something for all your storage needs.

The Holding Company is one of the largest home storage companies on the web and has been offering office storage solutions for over 15 years.

From DVD storage boxes to wastepaper bins, we are certain we will have something to complement your office.

  •  Bigso Desk Pad

  • Bigso Desk Pad

    Sturdy and durable desk pad from Bigso Box of Sweden

  • SALE £3.50 was £14.95

  •  Pencils Bag

  • Pencils Bag

    Quirky zip-up pencil case designed in France.

  • SALE £7.39 was £21.95

  •  Document Tray

  • Document Tray

    Stacking in-trays in chunky acrylic for a stylish and tidy desk (3 shown)

  • SALE £9.95 was £17.00

  •  Minibox

  • Minibox

    A multi purpose lidded box in seriously chunky acrylic; perfect for organising your desk clutter.

  • SALE £9.45 was £15.95

  •  Low Rattan Pot

  • Low Rattan Pot

    Three sizes of little varnished woven rattan pots; perfect for bathroom storage and keeping your cosmetics organised.

  • SALE £4.76 was £8.00

  •  Rattan Desk Organiser

  • Rattan Desk Organiser

    Keep your desk organised and your writing materials within easy reach with this gorgeous desk organiser.

  • SALE £20.95 was £33.00

  •  Pandanus Rectangular Box

  • Pandanus Rectangular Box

    Gorgeous storage boxes made from woven pandanus grass on sturdy card backing; ideal for home or office storage.

  • SALE £3.95 was £9.00

  •  Pandanus Mini Box

  • Pandanus Mini Box

    This small storage box is an ideal bedside holder for jewellery, cufflinks, watches etc.

  • £9.00

  •  Letter Rack

  • Letter Rack

    Smarten up your desk storage with this lovely chunky acrylic letter rack

  • SALE £4.95 was £10.45

  •  Personal Finance Storage Tin

  • Personal Finance Storage Tin

    Keep all your important personal finance items in one safe place with this attractive metal storage box.

  • SALE £3.45 was £7.95

  •  Pocket Money Storage Box

  • Pocket Money Storage Box

    Keep all your spare change in this great money storage box and who knows how much you could save.

  • SALE £6.45 was £7.95

  •  Cable Clamps - Pack of 5

  • Cable Clamps - Pack of 5

    A great electronics pack of our ever popular cable clamps - no more mess, no more tangles!

  • SALE £5.22 was £9.95

  •  Cable Clamps - Pack of 4

  • Cable Clamps - Pack of 4

    Get your cables tidied with these nifty little cable clamps - no more mess, no more tangles!

  • SALE £4.38 was £7.95

  •  Tape Dispenser

  • Tape Dispenser

    Get back into that old school feeling with out cassette tape dispenser.

  • £13.50

  •  Snug Tidy

  • Snug Tidy

    A super stylish home for your remote control, mobile phone, wallet etc

  • SALE £10.45 was £11.95

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