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New Arrivals

We are always on the lookout for stylish and practical storage solutions. Our buyers travel far and wide to bring you great new lines you simply can't get anywhere else.

As the UK's first and foremost storage specialists, we are also constantly approached by fresh young designers with exciting innovations, and by customers with clever product ideas they can't find anywhere. So get in touch with us if you have a suggestion - we'll see what we can do!

  •  Power Lock Ultra 2 Hook Bar

  • Power Lock Ultra 2 Hook Bar

    Hook Bar with super strong twist and lock suction to create extra storage; perfect for holding your small bath necessities.

  • SALE £5.96 was £7.45

  •  Power Lock Ultra Soap Dish

  • Power Lock Ultra Soap Dish

    Soap dish with super strong twist and lock suction; great for holding soaps but also small bathroom necessities.

  • SALE £6.76 was £8.45

  •  Stacking Short Vanity Tray

  • Stacking Short Vanity Tray

    Short vanity tray with built in handles and stackable to other trays from the same range.

  • SALE £8.76 was £10.95

  •  Stadium Spice Rack

  • Stadium Spice Rack

    Stadium Spice Rack with 3 tiered shelves for an easy access.

  • SALE £9.56 was £11.95

  •  Vanity Organiser

  • Vanity Organiser

    New makeup organiser with various-sized compartments.

  • SALE £9.96 was £12.45

  •  Power Lock Ultra Combo Basket

  • Power Lock Ultra Combo Basket

    Combo basket with strong twist and lock suction to create extra storage; great for holding shampoo, razor, soaps and more!

  • SALE £15.16 was £18.95

  •  4 Drawer Flip Tower

  • 4 Drawer Flip Tower

    This 4 Drawer Tower can be oriented horizontally or vertically; Great new addition to our existing range!

  • SALE £17.56 was £21.95

  •  Stacking 2 Drawer with Side Organiser

  • Stacking 2 Drawer with Side Organiser

    Drawer with side organiser in clear plastic with chrome knobs; Perfect storage solution also stackable to other organisers from the same range.

  • SALE £22.36 was £27.95

  •  Dish Drainer

  • Dish Drainer

    Chrome dish drainer with clear tray to prevent water from spilling over.

  • SALE £30.76 was £38.45

  •  Closet Doubler

  • Closet Doubler

    An amazing way to double the storage from your garment rail

  • £14.95

  •  Axis Scarf Holder

  • Axis Scarf Holder

    Chromed steel scarf and accessory hanger by InterDesign

  • SALE £9.60 was £12.00

  •  A4 Canvas Letterbox

  • A4 Canvas Letterbox

    Fantastic canvas file boxes in three fantastic new colours. Perfect for the office.

  • £13.00

  •  Canvas Filebox with 8 Files

  • Canvas Filebox with 8 Files

    A stylish portable filing system in sturdy fibreboard with attractive canvas in three stunning new colours.

  • £26.00

  •  Una Kitchen Bins

  • Una Kitchen Bins

    Two sizes of durable plastic storage bins from InterDesign

  • SALE £10.36 was £12.95

  •  Stack & Slide Basket

  • Stack & Slide Basket

    Two sizes of mix and match stackable storage baskets by InterDesign

  • SALE £10.36 was £12.95

  •  Blue Hat Boxes

  • Blue Hat Boxes

    Two sizes of recycled fibreboard hat boxes in this lovely blue.

  • £12.00

  •  Egg Holder

  • Egg Holder

    Clear plastic box for storing eggs in your fridge

  • SALE £12.00 was £15.00

  •  A4 Letterbox

  • A4 Letterbox

    These funky document boxes are a great way to organise your office and get your paperwork in order.

  • SALE £6.40 was £8.00

  •  5-Hook Rack

  • 5-Hook Rack

    Simply hang this rack over any door and you have a practical storage solution ready-to-go.

  • SALE £19.96 was £24.95

  •  Turntable Linus

  • Turntable Linus

    Rotating kitchen shelf organiser from InterDesign

  • SALE £14.40 was £18.00

  •  Gia Shower Caddy

  • Gia Shower Caddy

    Two tier rust-resistant shower caddy from InterDesign

  • SALE £28.80 was £36.00

  •  Secur Step Ladder

  • Secur Step Ladder

    Italian folding stepladder with additional leg support for stability.

  • £79.00

  •  Clear White Basket

  • Clear White Basket

    Wipe clean and washable plastic basket ideal for kitchen or bathroom.

  • £7.95

  •  Lux Tie Rack

  • Lux Tie Rack

    Gorgeous honey coloured Italian beech tie rack.

  • £29.00

  •  Ecrolino Trolley

  • Ecrolino Trolley

    Wheeled wooden trolley with removable baskets and top tray.

  • £69.00

  •  Storage Box Fruit

  • Storage Box Fruit

    Two sizes of 50s-style pastel boxes with blackboard front panels.

  • SALE £8.76 was £10.95

  •  Aztec A3 Letterbox

  • Aztec A3 Letterbox

    Stylish A3 letterbox in a sturdy recycled fibreboard.

  • SALE £11.20 was £14.00

  •  White Coat Rack

  • White Coat Rack

    Trellis style concertina wooden coat rack with four pegs.

  • £19.95

  •  Wine Rack

  • Wine Rack

    Stylish contemporary 12-bottle wine racks in a choice of two colours.

  • £75.00

  •  Kids Shoe Box

  • Kids Shoe Box

    Clear plastic storage boxes for children's shoes

  • £6.95

  •  Aztec Magazine File

  • Aztec Magazine File

    Robust fibreboard magazine files from Bigso Box of Sweden.

  • SALE £8.80 was £11.00

  •  Aztec A4 Letterbox

  • Aztec A4 Letterbox

    Stylish A4 letterbox in a sturdy recycled fibreboard.

  • SALE £10.40 was £13.00

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