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Wicker Baskets

Wicker Baskets from The Holding Company

Our range of wicker baskets have been our best sellers for many years. We source our wicker baskets from all over the world and many are handmade.

What are Wicker Baskets made of?

Wicker actually refers to the technique rather than the material. Wicker baskets are made from many different things including rush, water hyacinth, jute, rattan and seagrass!

  •  Lined Rattan Basket

  • Lined Rattan Basket

    Beautiful handwoven lined wicker baskets fitted with removable cotton liners; perfect for clothes storage.

  • SALE £2.95 was £7.50

  •  Soft Rush Wicker Baskets

  • Soft Rush Wicker Baskets

    Lovely lined wicker baskets that would make a perfect addition to any bathroom storage.

  • SALE £8.95 was £17.00

  •  Bathroom Basket

  • Bathroom Basket

    Handwoven rattan wicker basket; perfect for bathroom storage as a toilet roll holder or in the living room to hold CDs.

  • £30.00

  •  Pantry Basket

  • Pantry Basket

    Heavy weight baskets perfect for organising the kitchen.

  • £16.00

  •  Rattan Umbrella Basket

  • Rattan Umbrella Basket

    A woven rattan umbrella basket with a large curved handle over the top

  • SALE £29.95 was £42.00

  •  Wok Basket

  • Wok Basket

    Three sizes of chunky handmade weave round baskets; an ideal home storage solution.

  • £22.00

  •  Seagrass Oblong Basket

  • Seagrass Oblong Basket

    This lovely seagrass wicker basket is a great alternative to the traditional wicker basket.

  • £25.00

  •  Deep Lined Kobu Basket

  • Deep Lined Kobu Basket

    Beautifully handmade rigid lined baskets perfect for clothes storage or toiletries.

  • £42.00

  •  Round Jute Basket

  • Round Jute Basket

    Round multi-purpose storage baskets that looks great all around the house.

  • £17.00

  •  Bakers Basket

  • Bakers Basket

    Long and shallow basket suitable for endless applications.

  • £20.00

  •  Water Hyacinth Wok Basket

  • Water Hyacinth Wok Basket

    Three sizes of round water hyacinth baskets with handles; a practical and stylish storage solution for the house.

  • £17.00

  •  Rattan Stair Basket

  • Rattan Stair Basket

    A beautiful way to keep those 'going up' or 'coming down' items in order

  • £30.00

  •  Bathroom Shelf Basket

  • Bathroom Shelf Basket

    Varnished woven rattan baskets with a handy cut out at the front; a perfect storage solution for shelving.

  • £35.00

  •  Lidded Basket

  • Lidded Basket

    Lidded storage baskets great for shoe storage and boots - perfect for the bedroom.

  • £15.00

  •  Topi Basket Rattan

  • Topi Basket Rattan

    These striking baskets will bring a touch of the unusual to your storage.

  • SALE £29.95 was £50.00

  •  Water Hyacinth Storage Basket

  • Water Hyacinth Storage Basket

    Our beautiful range of water hyacinth baskets are the perfect storage solution to create a warm autumnal look.

  • £19.00

  •  Gebang Basket

  • Gebang Basket

    Natural coloured baskets; perfect for decluttering the home or office.

  • £12.00

  •  Rattan Log Carry Basket

  • Rattan Log Carry Basket

    A new take on an old classic. The perfect storage solution for your logs.

  • SALE £49.00 was £54.00

  •  Shelf Basket

  • Shelf Basket

    These useful storage baskets will fit neatly anywhere, so are great for kitchen storage, bedroom storage or a great clothes storage solution.

  • SALE £10.95 was £16.00

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