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  •  Axis Scarf Holder

  • Axis Scarf Holder

    Chromed steel scarf and accessory hanger by InterDesign

  • SALE £9.60 was £12.00

  •  Open Fridge Storage Bin

  • Open Fridge Storage Bin

    Open stackable storage bins for fridge/freezers, complete with handles.

  • SALE £10.00 was £12.50

  •  Una Kitchen Bins

  • Una Kitchen Bins

    Two sizes of durable plastic storage bins from InterDesign

  • SALE £10.36 was £12.95

  •  Chrome Handbag Holder

  • Chrome Handbag Holder

    6 Hook over-the-rod handbag holder. Creates extra closet space.

  • SALE £7.96 was £9.95

  •  Egg Holder

  • Egg Holder

    Clear plastic box for storing eggs in your fridge

  • SALE £12.00 was £15.00

  •  5-Hook Rack

  • 5-Hook Rack

    Simply hang this rack over any door and you have a practical storage solution ready-to-go.

  • SALE £19.96 was £24.95

  •  Over Door Handbag Holder

  • Over Door Handbag Holder

    Get your handbags organized with this super handy over door handbag holder.

  • SALE £7.16 was £8.95

  •  Recycling Bag

  • Recycling Bag

    For all your recycling needs; get sorted with our coloured bins.

  • SALE £8.95 was £14.95

  •  Handle Basket

  • Handle Basket

    Stacking plastic storage baskets for the bathroom or kitchen from our popular interDesign range.

  • SALE £8.00 was £10.00

  •  Inge Storage Box

  • Inge Storage Box

    Fibreboard office storage boxes by Bigso perfect for filing and document storage.

  • SALE £5.95 was £13.00

  •  Drinks Can Organiser

  • Drinks Can Organiser

    Clear plastic drinks can organiser from InterDesign. Holds 9 cans.

  • SALE £11.96 was £14.95

  •  Metal Medicine Box

  • Metal Medicine Box

    A metal medicine storage box to keep your first aid and medicine products all in one accessible place.

  • SALE £7.95 was £16.95

  •  Stack & Slide Basket

  • Stack & Slide Basket

    Two sizes of mix and match stackable storage baskets by InterDesign

  • SALE £10.36 was £12.95

  •  Powerlock Suction Shower Basket

  • Powerlock Suction Shower Basket

    Useful plastic shower basket held up by ultra strong suction cups by interDesign. Provides instant bathroom storage where ever needed.

  • SALE £10.40 was £13.00

  •  Set of 3 Rattan Baskets

  • Set of 3 Rattan Baskets

    Handmade rigid rattan baskets for use as bathroom storage, linen storage or anywhere in the home.

  • SALE £55.25 was £85.00

  •  Hair Accessories Storage Box

  • Hair Accessories Storage Box

    Store all your hair accessories in this colourful, fun metal storage box that will look great on any dresser.

  • SALE £6.45 was £7.95

  •  Classico Tie/Belt/Scarf Rack

  • Classico Tie/Belt/Scarf Rack

    Chromed steel tie rack with seven hooks on each side; a great storage solution for getting your wardrobe in order.

  • SALE £13.60 was £17.00

  •  Chrome Wardrobe

  • Chrome Wardrobe

    Our ultra heavy-duty chrome wardrobe is quite simply a classic

  • SALE £180.00 was £242.80

  •  Classico Toilet Roll Stand

  • Classico Toilet Roll Stand

    This stylish chrome, free-standing toilet roll holder and dispenser is just perfect for any bathroom decor.

  • SALE £27.20 was £34.00

  •  Sewing Storage Tin

  • Sewing Storage Tin

    Keep your sewing essentials in one place with this colourful metal storage box.

  • SALE £6.45 was £7.95

  •  Inge Boxes - Set of 3

  • Inge Boxes - Set of 3

    Set of three sturdy recycled fibreboard storage boxes in a range of colours; great for getting organised.

  • SALE £24.68 was £49.00

  •  Powerlock Suction Corner Basket

  • Powerlock Suction Corner Basket

    Plastic corner basket held up by patented ultra strong suction cups; an ideal storage solution for the bathroom or kitchen.

  • SALE £18.40 was £23.00

  •  Chrome Kitchen Rack

  • Chrome Kitchen Rack

    Industrial gauge chrome racking - literally a design classic and perfect for kitchen storage

  • SALE £180.00 was £248.00

  •  Mes Crayons Box

  • Mes Crayons Box

    This cute storage box will have kids wanting to put away their crayons, pens and pencils after playtime.

  • SALE £4.95 was £8.45

  •  Axis Overdoor Double Hook

  • Axis Overdoor Double Hook

    This stainless steel overdoor double hook creates coat hanging space without drilling.

  • SALE £10.40 was £13.00

  •  Over Door Towel Rail

  • Over Door Towel Rail

    A supremely practical brushed stainless steel towel rail in two sizes; great for the kitchen or bathroom. By Interdesign.

  • SALE £12.76 was £15.95

  •  SOS Pharmacie Box

  • SOS Pharmacie Box

    Self-assembly storage box with label plate for your medical supplies.

  • SALE £8.95 was £16.95

  •  Classico Tie/Belt Rack

  • Classico Tie/Belt Rack

    A stylish chrome tie and belt rack - an excellent storage solution for your wardrobe.

  • SALE £12.00 was £15.00

  •  High Tech Gadget Storage Box

  • High Tech Gadget Storage Box

    Need a place to store all those gadgets and accessories? Ensure nothing goes astray with this storage box.

  • SALE £6.95 was £11.95

  •  4-Drawer Elfa Unit

  • 4-Drawer Elfa Unit

    For storage solutions look no further than our Elfa storage units; ideal for kitchen or bedroom storage

  • SALE £80.00 was £92.60

  •  Buttons Storage Tin

  • Buttons Storage Tin

    A handy home for spare buttons and other small items in a colourful, fun design.

  • SALE £6.45 was £7.95

  •  Medicine Bag

  • Medicine Bag

    Zip-up medicine bag - perfect for keeping your bathroom cabinet organised.

  • SALE £12.95 was £21.95

  •  Storage Box Mes Affaires D'ete

  • Storage Box Mes Affaires D'ete

    This zip up storage box for clothing is the perfect place for keeping out of season clothes or if you need a bit of extra storage space.

  • SALE £15.45 was £25.00

  •  Mes Photos Box

  • Mes Photos Box

    Photo storage box with label plate that snaps together via stainless steel poppers.

  • SALE £7.95 was £16.95

  •  Suction Basket

  • Suction Basket

    interDesign suction basket for kitchen or bathroom storage; perfect for tiled or glass surfaces where drilling is not an option.

  • SALE £12.00 was £15.00

  •  SOS Bureau Box

  • SOS Bureau Box

    Store your stationery essentials all in one easy place.

  • SALE £6.95 was £11.95

  •  Suction Cup

  • Suction Cup

    A half-circle cup held in place by suction pads, perfect for bathroom storage.

  • SALE £3.16 was £3.95

  •  3 Compartment Drawer Organiser

  • 3 Compartment Drawer Organiser

    Simplify your drawer storage with this fantastic 3 compartment storage tray. Perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, office and more.

  • SALE £8.76 was £10.95

  •  Hat Boxes - Set of 3

  • Hat Boxes - Set of 3

    Set of three pretty pink hat boxes in recycled fibreboard; perfect for all sizes of hat storage

  • SALE £22.50 was £34.00

  •  My High Tech Mini Box

  • My High Tech Mini Box

    Keep your computer accessories safe with our best selling High Tech Box.

  • SALE £4.95 was £9.00

  •  Mes Cles Box

  • Mes Cles Box

    A quick an easy storage box for your keys - keep your hallway table clutter free and organised.

  • SALE £4.95 was £8.45

  •  Metal Make Up Box

  • Metal Make Up Box

    An attractive make up box for your cosmetics and products.

  • SALE £7.95 was £16.95

  •  Box SOS Ampoules

  • Box SOS Ampoules

    A French themed, illustrated storage box to keep your spare lightbulbs in order.

  • SALE £8.95 was £16.95

  •  Powerlock Toothbrush Holder

  • Powerlock Toothbrush Holder

    Powerlock suction shower caddy; an ideal toothbrush holder, razor holder or shower storage.

  • SALE £7.96 was £9.95

  •  Overdoor Valet

  • Overdoor Valet

    This clever piece combines an overdoor hook with space to hold four coat hangers perfect for creating additional hanging storage.

  • SALE £10.40 was £13.00

  •  SOS Cirage Box

  • SOS Cirage Box

    Keep your shoe cleaning kit in this neat little storage box

  • SALE £10.95 was £13.45

  •  Suction Corner Basket

  • Suction Corner Basket

    Wire storage basket held up by suction cups - ideal for kitchens or bathroom storage.

  • SALE £17.60 was £22.00

  •  Small Essentials Storage Tin

  • Small Essentials Storage Tin

    Add a taste of France and a splash of colour to your home with this fun storage box for small essentials like keys, coins etc

  • SALE £6.45 was £7.95

  •  Laundry Bin - White

  • Laundry Bin - White

    Separating your white and coloured washing has never been easier with our laundry bin for whites.

  • SALE £11.45 was £19.95

  •  Rattan Pots - 6 Pack

  • Rattan Pots - 6 Pack

    Buy two each of three sizes of woven rattan pots for a special price

  • SALE £18.41 was £54.00

  •  Hat Zip Up Storage Box

  • Hat Zip Up Storage Box

    Keep your hats safe and organised with this attractive French designed zip up storage box.

  • SALE £25.95 was £29.95

  •  Horizontal Shoe Rack

  • Horizontal Shoe Rack

    Keep shoes tidy and off the floor with this horizontal shoe rack

  • SALE £46.00 was £50.00

  •  Chrome Shelving Tower

  • Chrome Shelving Tower

    Heavy-duty industrial gauge racking for the ultimate contemporary shelving

  • SALE £235.00 was £330.00

  •  Box for bits and pieces

  • Box for bits and pieces

    Put an end to the 'Now, where did I put that..?' with this fantastic storage box for the home.

  • SALE £7.95 was £16.95

  •  Mes Echarpes Scarf Box

  • Mes Echarpes Scarf Box

    Storage box for scarves - great for tidying up the wardrobe, popping on a shelf or under the bed.

  • SALE £10.45 was £18.95

  •  Duetto Toilet Brush

  • Duetto Toilet Brush

    This Duetto Toilet Brush by InterDesign offers a stylish, modern design while remaining functional and affordable.

  • SALE £14.40 was £18.00

  •  Black Metal Coat Stand

  • Black Metal Coat Stand

    A coat stand in chunky glossy black metal; perfect for the home or office

  • SALE £54.95 was £89.00

  •  Low Chrome Unit

  • Low Chrome Unit

    A four shelf unit in ultra-contemporary chrome, with adjustable shelf height

  • SALE £152.00 was £236.00

  •  SOS Couture Box

  • SOS Couture Box

    A French themed storage box for your sewing kit and accessories.

  • SALE £5.45 was £8.45

  •  Pocket Money Storage Box

  • Pocket Money Storage Box

    Keep all your spare change in this great money storage box and who knows how much you could save.

  • SALE £6.45 was £7.95

  •  SOS Piles Box

  • SOS Piles Box

    Keep all your batteries in one easy to find place with this quirky storage box.

  • SALE £6.95 was £11.00

  •  Premiers Secours First Aid Box

  • Premiers Secours First Aid Box

    This first aid storage box is a great way to keep all your pills and first aid supplies in one organised place.

  • SALE £8.95 was £16.95

  •  Ceintures Belt Box

  • Ceintures Belt Box

    A fun, illustrated belt storage box to keep your belts organised.

  • SALE £9.95 was £17.95

  •  Turntable Linus

  • Turntable Linus

    Rotating kitchen shelf organiser from InterDesign

  • SALE £14.40 was £18.00

  •  Space Saving Ottoman

  • Space Saving Ottoman

    Save 55% on this lovely ottoman; perfect as a side table or extra seating. Comes with a vacuum storage bag inside to maximise capacity.

  • SALE £16.00 was £35.00

  •  Over Door Two Tier Basket

  • Over Door Two Tier Basket

    Double tier chrome storage basket that hangs from your cupboard door to give you convenient, discreet extra storage space.

  • SALE £24.00 was £30.00

  •  Linen Zip Up Storage Box

  • Linen Zip Up Storage Box

    This zip up storage home is the perfect home for your linen. A practical and attractive storage solution.

  • SALE £25.95 was £29.95

  •  Gia Shower Caddy

  • Gia Shower Caddy

    Two tier rust-resistant shower caddy from InterDesign

  • SALE £28.80 was £36.00

  •  Metro Chrome Shelves

  • Metro Chrome Shelves

    Chrome-plated solid-steel shelves for Metro Chrome Shelving Units

  • SALE £33.00 was £41.00

  •  Umbrella Stand

  • Umbrella Stand

    Our fantastic contemporary umbrella stand would look smart in any hallway or office.

  • SALE £46.95 was £79.00

  •  3 Basket Southwold Bench

  • 3 Basket Southwold Bench

    This gorgeous 3 Basket Southwold Bench is a brilliant two-in-one solution for additonal storage.

  • SALE £299.00 was £319.00

  •  Personal Finance Storage Tin

  • Personal Finance Storage Tin

    Keep all your important personal finance items in one safe place with this attractive metal storage box.

  • SALE £6.45 was £7.95

  •  Suction Razor Holder

  • Suction Razor Holder

    Suction holder to keep your razor to hand even in the shower

  • SALE £6.76 was £8.45

  •  Suction Soap Dish

  • Suction Soap Dish

    A practical addition to any bathroom storage; this suction soap dish will enable you to create storage where you need it.

  • SALE £8.40 was £10.50

  •  Ma Lingerie Popper Box

  • Ma Lingerie Popper Box

    This fun underwear storage box is a great way to keep your underwear or lingerie in order.

  • SALE £10.45 was £16.95

  •  Box SOS Jardinage

  • Box SOS Jardinage

    Garden accessories storage box with label plate that snaps together via stainless steel poppers.

  • SALE £12.45 was £15.00

  •  Pencils Bag

  • Pencils Bag

    Quirky zip-up pencil case designed in France.

  • SALE £12.95 was £21.95

  •  Axis Overdoor 3 Hook Rack

  • Axis Overdoor 3 Hook Rack

    A no fuss storage solution with no drilling required - provides plenty of hanging space.

  • SALE £18.40 was £23.00

  •  Suction Combo Unit

  • Suction Combo Unit

    An all-in-one shower accessory with soap dish, basket and hooks, this clever interDesign suction basket is great for the bathroom.

  • SALE £25.60 was £32.00

  •  5-Drawer Elfa Unit

  • 5-Drawer Elfa Unit

    Tall wheeled Elfa unit ideal for kitchen or bedroom storage

  • SALE £119.50 was £140.60

  •  Chrome End of Bed Unit

  • Chrome End of Bed Unit

    Industrial gauge chrome racking that can be tailored to suit your storage needs.

  • SALE £167.40 was £180.00

  •  Oak Book Shelf

  • Oak Book Shelf

    Beautiful angled shelving unit, perfect as a book shelf, media storage or for ornaments.

  • SALE £245.00 was £275.00

  •  Large Rattan Chest

  • Large Rattan Chest

    A handcrafted rattan storage chest with hinged lid

  • SALE £349.00 was £364.00

  •  Jewellery Storage Box

  • Jewellery Storage Box

    Add a taste of France and a splash of colour to your jewellery storage with this attractive metal storage box.

  • SALE £6.45 was £7.95

  •  Overdoor Single Hook

  • Overdoor Single Hook

    Create coat hanging space without drilling, with our fantastic Interdesign overdoor storage hook.

  • SALE £7.96 was £9.95

  •  Laundry Bin - City

  • Laundry Bin - City

    Light weight, zip-up laundry bin great for keeping your linen concealed.

  • SALE £11.45 was £19.95

  •  3-Drawer Elfa Unit

  • 3-Drawer Elfa Unit

    Elfa drawer unit, an ideal storage solution for kitchen or bedroom storage

  • SALE £85.00 was £96.90

  •  11-Drawer Elfa Unit

  • 11-Drawer Elfa Unit

    Tall wheeled Elfa drawer storage unit - a great idea for the kitchen or bedroom.

  • SALE £214.30 was £248.90

  •  Extra Large Rattan Chest

  • Extra Large Rattan Chest

    Extra large, handfinished rattan chest excellent as a coffee table or blanket box.

  • SALE £419.00 was £449.00

  •  My Remote Control Box

  • My Remote Control Box

    Tidy the room up and spare yourself the bother of digging down the sides of the sofa.

  • SALE £6.95 was £11.95

  •  Metal Helping Out Box

  • Metal Helping Out Box

    Keep all your tools and gadgets in one handy place with our stylish metal tool box.

  • SALE £7.95 was £16.95

  •  Snug Tidy

  • Snug Tidy

    A super stylish home for your remote control, mobile phone, wallet etc

  • SALE £10.00 was £11.95

  •  Shoe Polish Kit

  • Shoe Polish Kit

    A handy shoe polish kit; great for sprucing up your shoes, or as a gift idea.

  • SALE £16.95 was £29.95

  •  Chrome Cactus Coat Stand

  • Chrome Cactus Coat Stand

    Our bestselling monochrome coat stands are now available in this chrome finish

  • SALE £64.95 was £109.00

  •  My Scarves Box

  • My Scarves Box

    Our French-designed My Scarves Box is a fantastic place to keep your scarves!

  • SALE £7.95 was £13.95

  •  Overdoor Double Hook

  • Overdoor Double Hook

    Create extra hanging space in seconds without any drilling with our interDesign overdoor double hook.

  • SALE £9.60 was £12.00

  •  Metro Chrome Uprights

  • Metro Chrome Uprights

    Chrome-plated solid steel uprights for Metro Chrome Shelving Units

  • SALE £17.50 was £18.00

  •  Shape Keyholders

  • Shape Keyholders

    Add some fun to your wall and banish wasted time looking for keys with these fantastic keyholders.

  • SALE £20.00 was £21.95

  •  Jewellery Box So Chic Black

  • Jewellery Box So Chic Black

    Our jewellery box is the perfect jewellery storage solution that will look chic on any dressing table.

  • SALE £24.95 was £45.00

  •  Axis Toilet Roll Holder

  • Axis Toilet Roll Holder

    Chrome stand combining roll holder and toilet roll storage; a practical and stylish addition to any bathroom.

  • SALE £28.00 was £35.00

  •  Metro Castor

  • Metro Castor

    Add a set of our Metro Castors to your shelving unit for a mobile storage unit, workstation or serving cart.

  • SALE £30.00 was £32.00

  •  Magazine Rack Float

  • Magazine Rack Float

    Store your magazines in this contemporary, minimalist magazine rack.

  • SALE £34.95 was £50.00

  •  4 Shelf Chrome Bay

  • 4 Shelf Chrome Bay

    Industrial gauge chrome racking - literally a design classic

  • SALE £245.60 was £272.00

  •  Rattan Square Chest

  • Rattan Square Chest

    Handmade, square rattan chest with hinged lid and removable tray.

  • SALE £259.00 was £289.00

  •  Chunky Potting Table

  • Chunky Potting Table

    Chunky potting bench complete with hard-wearing zinc top, storage shelf and three spacious drawers.

  • SALE £279.00 was £299.00

  •  Forma Suction Soap Dish

  • Forma Suction Soap Dish

    Clever, convenient wire soap dish held up with suction pads: no drilling! From our popular Interdesign collection.

  • SALE £11.16 was £13.95

  •  Suction Soap Dish

  • Suction Soap Dish

    Interdesign shower soap dish - a clever wall mounted soap dish that needs no drilling.

  • SALE £12.00 was £15.00

  •  Classico 3 Hook Rack

  • Classico 3 Hook Rack

    A real space maker - get those untidy things hung over the door with this 3 hook over door rack

  • SALE £12.80 was £16.00

  •  Axis Overdoor 5 Hook Rack

  • Axis Overdoor 5 Hook Rack

    A great storage overdoor rack that will create extra hanging space without the need for drilling.

  • SALE £26.40 was £33.00

  •  Metro Chrome Wine Shelf

  • Metro Chrome Wine Shelf

    Chrome-played solid steel wine shelf for use with Metro Chrome Shelving Units

  • SALE £39.00 was £44.00

  •  Chrome Wine Rack

  • Chrome Wine Rack

    63-bottle wine rack in industrial gauge chromed steel

  • SALE £199.95 was £398.00

  •  Elfa Laundry Solution

  • Elfa Laundry Solution

    Our Elfa Laundry Solution is the perfect storage system for decluttering and organising any messy laundry loads.

  • SALE £265.00 was £315.70

  •  Racor Cord Wrap Holder

  • Racor Cord Wrap Holder

    Keep electrical cord, ropes and chains tidy with this useful holder.

  • SALE £6.00 was £12.00

  •  Metal Facehook Key Hook

  • Metal Facehook Key Hook

    This metal key hook is the perfect way to ensure you never lose your keys again.

  • SALE £16.50 was £18.00

  •  Elfa Kitchen Solution

  • Elfa Kitchen Solution

    Create the kitchen you dream of with the customisable elfa storage system.

  • SALE £210.00 was £242.00

  •  Elfa Kitchen Solution

  • Elfa Kitchen Solution

    Forget the family mess, an Elfa kitchen system will keep your kitchen beautifully organised, with everything in its place.

  • SALE £285.00 was £320.00

  •  Elfa Laundry Solution 2

  • Elfa Laundry Solution 2

    Get the organised, calm laundry room you have always wanted with our versatile elfa storage range.

  • SALE £290.00 was £344.70

  •  Elfa Office Solution

  • Elfa Office Solution

    Get your files in order, your books sorted and no more piles of paperwork. With an Elfa Office Solution your place of work will be a place you can really focus in.

  • SALE £315.00 was £373.00

  •  Elfa Hallway Solution

  • Elfa Hallway Solution

    Tired of seeing mess when you enter your home? Well look no further than an elfa hallway solution to get that messed cleared up right away.

  • SALE £395.00 was £439.00

  •  Elfa Bedroom Solution 2

  • Elfa Bedroom Solution 2

    You don't need a walk in wadrobe to have organised, built in bedroom storage. You can create and customise your storage to fit your space, and keep your bedroom clutter free.

  • SALE £477.00 was £543.20

  •  Elfa Bedroom Solution 3

  • Elfa Bedroom Solution 3

    Organise your clothes and shoe storage with an Elfa bedroom solution; the flexible way to organise your storage and create space for everything you need to store.

  • SALE £515.00 was £664.00

  •  Elfa Bedroom Solution

  • Elfa Bedroom Solution

    Organise your clothing and shoe storage with a customised Elfa bedroom solution; the ideal way to organise your storage and create a place for everything.

  • SALE £1,190.00 was £1,397.00

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