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Clothes Storage

Clothes storage including garment bags, clothes rails, storage boxes, drawers and cubbies; all manner of storage solutions for clothes to keep your wardrobe clutter free.

Wardrobe space is at a premium for most of us. Our clever clothes storage solutions allow you to maximise the capacity of your closet. Whether you need to create extra hanging space with an extendable garment rail, utilise underbed storage potential or find a clever way to fit more in - we have a stylish solution for you and your clothes.


  •  Drawer Organiser

  • Drawer Organiser

    Get your drawers in order with these simple and stylish drawer organisers from Bigso of Sweden

  • £4.95

  •  Axis Scarf Holder

  • Axis Scarf Holder

    Chromed steel scarf and accessory hanger by InterDesign

  • SALE £9.60 was £12.00

  •  Mendong Hat Box

  • Mendong Hat Box

    Gorgeous natural-coloured hat boxes - the perfect way to keep your hats safe and sound.

  • SALE £18.00 was £31.00

  •  Hat Boxes - Set of 3

  • Hat Boxes - Set of 3

    Set of three pretty pink hat boxes in recycled fibreboard; perfect for all sizes of hat storage

  • SALE £27.20 was £34.00

  •  Clothing Valet Stand

  • Clothing Valet Stand

    Keep your clothes neat and tidy with this contemporary Italian valet stand.

  • £74.00

  •  Tapered Lined Basket

  • Tapered Lined Basket

    Five sizes of hand woven tapered baskets fitted with removable calico liners to protect your clothes.

  • £5.95

  •  Shallow Lined Willow Basket

  • Shallow Lined Willow Basket

    These beautiful storage baskets come with removable protective cotton liners; perfect for clothes storage.

  • SALE £4.75 was £9.50

  •  Shoe Storage: Small Drawer

  • Shoe Storage: Small Drawer

    Want to store your shoes dust free? Look no further than our exclusive acrylic stacking drawer boxes for shoes and accessories.

  • £10.95

  •  Diamond Drawer Organiser

  • Diamond Drawer Organiser

    Turns a drawer into a multi-compartment organiser for socks & underwear with this drawer organiser.

  • £7.95

  •  Deep Lined Kobu Basket

  • Deep Lined Kobu Basket

    Beautifully handmade rigid lined baskets perfect for clothes storage or toiletries.

  • £25.00

  •  Classico Tie/Belt/Scarf Rack

  • Classico Tie/Belt/Scarf Rack

    Chromed steel tie rack with seven hooks on each side; a great storage solution for getting your wardrobe in order.

  • SALE £13.60 was £17.00

  •  Ma Lingerie Popper Box

  • Ma Lingerie Popper Box

    This fun underwear storage box is a great way to keep your underwear or lingerie in order.

  • SALE £10.45 was £16.95

  •  Shirt Storage: Stackable Drawer

  • Shirt Storage: Stackable Drawer

    Stacking acrylic storage drawers for shirts and clothes storage. Perfect if you want stackable drawers for unused wardrobe space.

  • £23.95

  •  Three Drawer Tower

  • Three Drawer Tower

    This drawer unit is perfect for under shorter hanging clothes as a wardrobe organiser and to give extra clothes storage.

  • £43.95

  •  Beige Mesh Suit Bag

  • Beige Mesh Suit Bag

    Our mesh bags are essential for protecting your suits whilst getting your wardrobe organised.

  • £9.95

  •  Classico Tie/Belt Rack

  • Classico Tie/Belt Rack

    A stylish chrome tie and belt rack - an excellent storage solution for your wardrobe.

  • SALE £12.00 was £15.00

  •  Woodlore 24-peg Cedar Tie Rack Strip

  • Woodlore 24-peg Cedar Tie Rack Strip

    Our 24-peg cedar tie rack strip screws to the inside of your cupboard doors, providing you with practical tie storage and natural moth protection.

  • £21.95

  •  Underbed Organiser

  • Underbed Organiser

    Maximise your underbed storage with this space saving storage solution with additional vacuum bags.

  • £34.00

  •  Ceintures Belt Box

  • Ceintures Belt Box

    A fun, illustrated belt storage box to keep your belts organised.

  • SALE £9.95 was £17.95

  •  Shelf Basket

  • Shelf Basket

    These useful storage baskets will fit neatly anywhere, so are great for kitchen storage, bedroom storage or a great clothes storage solution.

  • SALE £10.00 was £16.00

  •  Closet Drawer

  • Closet Drawer

    Stacking semi-clear storage drawers for home or office - a great way to create extra storage space or for clothes storage.

  • £19.95

  •  Closet Drawers - Pack of 6

  • Closet Drawers - Pack of 6

    Stacking plastic storage drawers in a great value set of 6, ideal for clothes, shoes or for extra storage.

  • SALE £89.78 was £119.70

  •  Storage Box Mes Affaires D'ete

  • Storage Box Mes Affaires D'ete

    This zip up storage box for clothing is the perfect place for keeping out of season clothes or if you need a bit of extra storage space.

  • SALE £15.45 was £25.00

  •  Garment Rack - Show Wheel

  • Garment Rack - Show Wheel

    Our folding garment rack is a superb way to create additional storage space for your guestroom or bedroom.

  • £259.00

  •  Stuart Suit Valet

  • Stuart Suit Valet

    A fantastic double suit valet stand designed and manufacured in Italy

  • £269.00

  •  Thong Storage Box

  • Thong Storage Box

    Store your thongs and underwear in this cute French inspired storage box.

  • SALE £8.95 was £16.95

  •  Lined Basket Organiser

  • Lined Basket Organiser

    Lined baskets that create extra storage space in the wardrobe or the bedroom.

  • SALE £9.00 was £16.00

  •  Belt Storage Box

  • Belt Storage Box

    Keep your belts neatly stored away with our quirky French inspired belt storage box.

  • £16.95

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