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Storage Boxes

Organise your Space with Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are the go to product when you want to declutter any space in your home or office. They are a quick and easy way to hide away all manner of items in any room.

Types of Storage Boxes

We have many different types and sizes of storage boxes in lots of colours and different materials for you to choose from.

See our full range below.

  •  Thea Storage Box

  • Thea Storage Box

    Self-assembly storage box with metal handle from Bigso Box

  • £18.95

  •  KD Storage Box with Leather Handle

  • KD Storage Box with Leather Handle

    Our KD Storage Boxes with Leather Handle are a great place to store all your letters, paperwork or documents: a superb multi purpose storage box. With real leather handles.

  • £14.95

  •  Inge Boxes

  • Inge Boxes

    Fibreboard office boxes by Bigso perfect for filing and document storage.

  • £13.00

  •  Inge Boxes - Set of 3

  • Inge Boxes - Set of 3

    Set of three sturdy recycled fibreboard storage boxes in a range of colours; great for getting organised.

  • SALE £30.00 was £49.00

  •  Big Bengt Box

  • Big Bengt Box

    Metal handled sturdy storage boxes in two colours by Bigso of Sweden.

  • £24.00

  •  Wheeled Square White Box

  • Wheeled Square White Box

    Top quality wheeled laminated boxes with metal handle perfect for your office or around the home, by Bigso of Sweden.

  • £25.00

  •  Wheeled Box

  • Wheeled Box

    Top quality laminated wheeled boxes from Bigso of Sweden.

  • £25.00

  •  Photo Box

  • Photo Box

    A sturdy acid free photo box in recycled fibreboard

  • £9.00

  •  Albrekt Storage Box

  • Albrekt Storage Box

    Sturdy fibreboard storage box with indented metal handles; ideal for office storage.

  • £22.00

  •  Tore Storage Box

  • Tore Storage Box

    Get your storage sorted with these large volume storage boxes perfect for the bedroom, office or living room.

  • £32.00

  •  KD Box

  • KD Box

    Multi-purpose sturdy fibreboard storage boxes from Bigso.

  • £11.00

  •  Black Rectangular Mendong Box

  • Black Rectangular Mendong Box

    Stackable stylish black boxes with a woven grass covering; perfect for storing clothing, bedding, linen or for getting your wardrobe in order.

  • £12.50

  •  Black Square Mendong Box

  • Black Square Mendong Box

    Stackable stylish black boxes with a woven grass covering; an ideal storage box for any room in the house.

  • £13.00

  •  Open Black Mendong Box

  • Open Black Mendong Box

    Gorgeous open black storage boxes to add a bit of style to your home or office storage.

  • £20.00

  •  Open Mendong Box

  • Open Mendong Box

    Sturdy open boxes with a woven grass covering ideal for media storage, book storage and so much more.

  • £19.00

  •  Erik Box Black

  • Erik Box Black

    Riveted open fibreboard box by Bigso of Sweden; perfect for keeping office work in order.

  • £9.95

  •  Open Pandanus Box

  • Open Pandanus Box

    Open storage boxes made from woven pandanus grass; a gorgeous addition to your home storage.

  • £39.00

  •  Hair Accessories Storage Box

  • Hair Accessories Storage Box

    Store all your hair accessories in this colourful, fun metal storage box that will look great on any dresser.

  • SALE £2.95 was £7.95

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