Add-on Metal Chrome Hanger 2 Pack
Add-on Metal Chrome Hanger 2 Pack
Add-on Hanger 2 Pack | Neu Home
Add-on Metal Chrome Hanger 2 Pack

Add-on Hanger with clips | 2 Pack



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Our clever steel add-on hangers with clips are your perfect solution to increase your hanging storage space. The thoughtfully designed hook allows you to add more hangers, thus enabling you to hang several items in the space in which you would normally be able to store just one. The clips feature a coating that prevents clothes from slipping and is soft enough to delicately hang them and treat them the best possible way. With this great value pack of 2 hangers, you can decrease the space taken on your closet rail and increase the storage capacity of your closet without breaking the bank. A fantastic storage solution for those who need to get the wardrobe organised but for whom space is limited.

-        Thoughtfully designed add-on hooks

-        Robust, made of steel

-        Non-slip & soft coating clips

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