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Bramdean Bakers Basket


This gorgeous Bakers Basket is robust and durable therefore it is great for kitchen storage. These chunky weave rattan baskets are long and shallow also making them an ideal under bed storage solution.


Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows in diverse forests across Asia. Incredibly, rattan grows over two centimetres per day, making it a completely sustainable product that is environmentally friendlyRattan helps to sustain numerous other plants and landscapes and is the quickest developing tropical wood, renewing in just 5-7 years.


Bamboo, rattan and seagrass are natural fibres. They are very strong and last a long time, but when you finally need to throw it out, it degrades into a nice, safe dirt. Sun and soil microorganisms render it without any side effects.


This is a handwoven, fully-sustainable product and is exlusive to The Holding Company. 

Please note: All our baskets are handmade and the sizes and colours may vary slightly.

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SKU: pf_IND006
Function: Rattan baskets
Material: Rattan

Bramdean Bakers Basket