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Drop Front Stackable Shoe Box Regular

If you are looking for shoe storage that will cover all your needs, then our Drop-Front Stackable Shoe Box is one of the best solutions. 

Its main part is made of robust opaque plastic. What makes this shoe storage box exceptional is its drop front lid to gain access to your shoe or trainer storage so you never have to move your shoe boxes when you need a pair of shoes. Additionally this lid is made of clear plastic to easily see which pair is where.

They are stackable to easily customise your shoe storage and create a tower as high as you like. 

Those regular shoe storage boxes are narrower that the drop front large shoe boxes and therefore ideal to accommodate your flat shoes, or your high heels or your ankle boots, while saving some valuable space

(main photo shows x3 boxes, prices quoted are per box) 

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More Information
SKU: pf_SHO027
Function: Shoe boxes, Wardrobes
Material: Plastic

Drop Front Stackable Shoe Box Regular