Drop Front Stackable Shoe Storage Box Men

Drop Front Stackable Shoe Storage Box Mens




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This Drop Front Stackable Shoe Storage Box is one of the most practical shoe storage solutions!

Made of opaque plastic it discreetly both reveals and hides your stored shoes. The drop front lid enables you to gain easy access so you never have to move your shoe boxes when you need a pair of shoes and is made of clear plastic to easily track your favourite shoes - extremely thoughtful design! Additionally the lid keeps dust away. 

Those shoe storage boxes are stackable and therefore help you customise your shoe storage as high as you want based on the number of shoes you have and on your free space. 

The men's shoe storage boxes are a little wider than the women's to fit the borader shaped men's shoes and both men's and women's sneakers. 

(main photo shows x3 boxes, prices quoted are per box or in great value multi packs).

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