Laundry Storage

Find here all laundry storage to help you organise the never ending cycle of washing. Explore a huge variety of laundry baskets, bins, bags, hampers and trolleys. They come in any material you wish for: wicker laundry baskets (made of Rattan, Water Hyacinth or Cebang), lined laundry baskets, plastic or canvas laundry baskets. If you have enough space you will love our large laundry hampers. And for those with a small space the space saving laundry baskets or the pop up laundry bins are perfect for you. For the extra organised our double and triple laundry sorters are ideal for sorting out your darks and lights. All laundry baskets and bins are robust, high quality and stylish. They come in various colours (white, black, grey, brown and blue) to match any interior, or with patterns for children’s rooms. Explore here laundry baskets and bins for any budget from very affordable to luxury. We also sell luxury drying racks… and what is quite simply the most glamorous ironing board on the market!


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