Here at The Holding Company we supply a range of modern and elegant clothes hangers in various styles, materials and colours that slot in perfectly with your choice of decor, so you'll never be short for hangers again. Whether you want sleek wooden clothes hangers for your wardrobe, multi-garment hangers to generate extra storage space, or hooks to conveniently hang your coats and jackets, they're the perfect wardrobe staple to keep your clothes neat and tidy.
  • Multi Blouse/Shirt Hanger

    Multi Blouse/Shirt Hanger

    A multi hanger for 6 blouses or shirts, so you can easily store mor...


  • Lux Tie Rack | Valsecchi

    Lux Tie Rack

    Gorgeous honey coloured Italian beech tie rack.


  • Ladies Beech Blouse Hanger | Toscanini

    Ladies Beech Blouse Hanger

    Gorgeous luxury beech clothes hangers; perfect for organising your ...