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Decluttering Service

Most people’s homes could use some decluttering, whether it’s a seasonal tidy up, to prepare for moving or selling your home, or simply to regain control of your day to day life. We can help you do this, with our 20+ years of storage and organisation expertise.

The level of assistance we can provide is up to you! Whether you simply require room-by-room assistance in ordering storage products, or a more in-depth and personal service, we are here to help.

Home Decluttering, Storage and Organising Service

Would you like your Wardrobe to be expertly organised?

Ways we can help

Advise on a wardrobe overhaul: from designing and implementing a comprehensive shelving system plus hangers, shoe storage, boxes and baskets, right down to simply recommending space saving ideas and products.

  • Sort out your home office storage to create an organised and stylish workspace.
  • Turn your hallway and living room into tidy and inviting spaces.
  • Advise on maximising storage space throughout the home.
  • Provide a fully managed decluttering project: home visit, design and implementation including coordinating redecoration and the disposal of unwanted items.
Home Office Organisation

Would you like your Home Office to be expertly organised? 

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020 8445 2888 or send us an email to mail@theholdingcompany.co.uk and let us know how we can help you get decluttered and organised.
Reorganising your home can be a daunting prospect but YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE.
The Holding Company can help you, as we’ve helped thousands of others since 1995.

Hallway Storage Solutions

Would you like your Hallway to be expertly  organised?

Decluttering Tips and Clutter Management

Tackling your clutter can seem like a daunting task, but help is at hand! If you follow our simple tips you’ll have conquered your chaos in no time at all.First of all we’ll give you some pointers on how best to address your mess, followed by handy suggestions on how to make the most of the space available to you, and how to prevent a build-up of mess from beginning again.If you follow this advice you’ll have a more organised home and a less stressful life.

A tidy home that you’re on top of is a wonderful place to come home to.

Our Top 5 Decluttering Tips

1. Compartmentalise

You can’t tackle your whole house in one go, so do one room or area at a time. If you turn the project into a series of smaller tasks, not only is it more manageable, but the rewards come sooner, which in turn will inspire you to keep going!

2. Divide and rule

separate your possessions into two piles/areas: things to keep, and things to get rid of. Be strict with yourself! Will you really read that book again? Those clothes you haven’t worn for ever – do you really want them? You get the idea. Of course you should keep things which have sentimental value to you, but tidy them away properly and ditch anything else you have no practical need for.

3. Set aside a fixed time to work on decluttering and stick to it

– even a single hour at a time will show results. Trying to do it all in one go is unlikely to succeed and as such will be demoralising. In an ideal world, spend a whole morning or afternoon each week until you’re done. After that, you probably only need to spend 15 minutes a week maintaining it.

4. Use clever storage

Decluttering is much more than just getting rid of extraneous junk; it’s also about maximising the storage capacity of your home. By making use of redundant space such as under your bed or behind a door, you are conjuring up storage space literally out of thin air. Of course, The Holding Company is your one-stop shop for all storage solutions!

5. Stick to it!

Once the hard work of reclaiming your space is done, you need to keep it that way: have a weekly or monthly review of your stuff and perform the same assessment that you did in the first place. Do I need this? Does this belong here? It’s a tiny task compared with the initial job and if performed regularly will be quick and painless every time. But don’t lose heart and give up if you let things slip from time to time.

Our Top 5 Organisation Tips

Following these suggestions will help you create space and maximise the storage potential of your home.

1. Sort your hanging clothes by length.

If you do this, a brand new storage area will appear below your shorter items. Fill this up with stacking drawers or with open bins to store sweaters, shoes and accessories. Multi garment hangers will enable you to generate heaps more hanging space.

2. Stack it!

Stackable drawers and open bins are a great way to make the most of limited space: a floor-to-ceiling tower of drawers is a brilliant way to store shoes without taking up precious floor space. Or build a stack of labelled boxes.

3. Allocate homes for your things, and stick to your system.

Little piles of stuff here and there are how it all starts: little piles become big piles! If everything has a place, when you acquire new things there’s already a place for them to go. And if you don’t have any space left, it’s time to get rid of something to make room!

4. Your hall is important.

It’s all too easy for your hallway to become a dumping ground for shoes, coats and brollies but it’s incredibly easy to transform this chaos into order with console units, coat and umbrella stands and clever shoe storage. It’s the first thing any visitor to your house will see, and first impressions count!

5. Be ruthless:

if you’ve not worn or used something for two years, the likelihood is you don’t really want it. The great thing about this is that just because you don’t, chances are someone else will. You can sell off your unwanted stuff really easily these days, and of course charities are always crying out for donations. Instead of having a visible reminder of your shopping errors, clear out some space and maybe do some good for others in the process!

kitchen Storage Solutions

Would you like your kitchen to be expertly organised? 

Don’t forget, you don’t have to tackle this alone: The Holding Company is here to help you! Just pick up the phone (020 8445 2888) or send us an email to mail@theholdingcompany.co.uk and we’ll do everything we can to get you started. There’s even a decluttering service available for those really big projects.