How To Order

There are several ways you can find what you're looking fo...


Our website has been designed with your ease of use in mind. We've divided our product range into categories such as 'Bedroom', 'Bathroom' etc, and each of these categories into more specific sub-categories such as 'Shoe Storage' and the like.

With this in mind you can browse through the different sections with ease - when you see an item you like, click on it and you'll see a product page with detailed descriptions; product options; swatches (if available); measurements and the ability to view larger pictures.

Add products to your basket and then either continue shopping or checkout - simple!


There are three easy ways to search:

By code - if you have them, just enter the product code into the search box and you will be taken to the relevent product page.

By name - enter the relevant term, say, 'shoe drawer' and anything that matches will be displayed in a set of search results where you can view thumbnail images of a certain number of products at a time or all of them in one go. You can also sort your search by price.

By faceted search - This feature is simply superb and has been developed specifically for It enables you to narrow down your search by several criteria to really help you to get to what you want. A search for 'basket' will bring up hundreds of products. By using the 'Refine Your Search' box on the left hand side you can make this more specific by clicking on each of the options (category, function etc) in turn until your shortlist fits precisely what you need. Perhaps the most useful of these options are the size selections - if you've a specific space for a product simply select the relevant width, depth and height options to remove any 'too big or 'too small' products. Clicking on each main heading opens up the refinement options within. The number in brackets shows the number of products available by the selected criterea. You may remove selected options by clicking on the remove link at the top of that box and it will expand back to the original list.

Other Features

Recently Viewed Items - The website displays a list of the products that you have recently viewed at the bottom of the page, so that you can jump back to that product quickly and not have to search for it again.

Save for Later - This feature allows you to remove items from your basket and save them for purchasing at a later date. These items are saved in your personal basket at the bottom of the basket page and will be there the next time you return.

Email A Friend - You can email a link of any page of our website to a friend that you think may be interested in that product; category of products or editorial article by clicking on the 'Email A Friend' link at the bottom of each page and entering boih the reciepient's email address and your email address. You can also add a personal message. We hope that you like our website and use our email tool to tell your friends and family about The Holding Company.

Further Help - You can always call our team of experts on 020 8445 2888 and they will happily advise you, and if you'd prefer, take your order over the phone!