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Louella Glass Butter Dish



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Our Louella Glass Butter is taken from our popular moulded glassware range. Based on an American design, this retro-style butter dish has a timeless appeal.
Classically simple, and charmingly vintage, you’ll find nothing better than starting the day with instantly spreadable butter smeared across a slice of freshly popped toast.
This butter dish with lid is crafted from robust, quality glass that fits perfectly over your block of deliciously yellow dairy butter, locking in its freshness. With a matching solid glass base and the advantage of an easily removable lid, you’ll find it is perfect for use in the kitchen and in the garden for summer dinning.
You’ll find the simple design and elegant shaping enhances the traditional features of our retro butter dish, highlighting the delicate grooves and embossed textures that complement any kitchen style.
With our customary charm and elegance, the Louella Glass Butter Dish finds itself perfectly placed in your kitchen, patiently awaiting the arrival of breakfast.
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