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Clear Memo Holder


With this handy Clear Memo Holder you'll never have to look for a piece of paper to take a message (paper included). Keep it by the phone or on your desk. Made from seriously thick, chunky top-grade crystal clear plastic, the unfussy design suits any decor. These Finnish designed and manufactured items are part of a best selling range of chunky clear desk accessories which has been a runaway success since the day we launched it. If you’ve been inspired by The Home Edit on Netflix, this is a great way to get the look for yourself.

The injection molded processed polystyrene used for these products is top grade, with a superb flow characteristic and superior heat resistance. It is a very clear and strong material, also used widely in things like hair dryers and vacuum cleaners. By using this material, it is possible to make these products out of one piece, not from glued sheets - which is how their inferior, cheaper alternatives are made.

Food approved and BPA-free, and dishwasher safe.

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SKU: pf_PAL009
Function: Acrylic Organisers
Material: Acrylic, Paper

Clear Memo Holder