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Regular Clear Shoe Box (Regular or Tall)


This great Clear Shoe Box With Lid has small ventilation holes in the sides so the contents are fully protected from dust but with air still able to circulate. Do away with rummaging around looking for the right pair: see your whole collection in a second thanks to the crystal clear material! It's time to get rid of that stack of cardboard boxes: get super-organised, save yourself time, and treat your shoes with the respect they deserve!


Available in two useful sizes, for regular and for high heel shoes. Suitable for shoes up to size 6.5 and to store your sneakers and trainers. Additionally they are stackable allowing you to stack as many pair of shoes as your space allows you and still be able to easily find the pair of shoes you are looking for. They won't need replacing, so it's a worthwhile investment you'll only need to make once.


These boxes can be stacked together with our Flip Flop Boxes



Made from recycled plastic

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SKU: pf_SHO036
Function: Shoe boxes, Wardrobes
Material: Acrylic

Regular Clear Shoe Box (Regular or Tall)