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Shoe Storage

Need shoe storage ideas for your home? Check out our wide selection of exclusive storage products to answer all your needs. Choose from our shoe racks, Chedworth shoe benches, shoe boxes and stackable shoe drawers. With a range of styles and materials, you’ll easily find the solution to suit any room of your home with us.
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Shoe Storage Ideas

The biggest measure of a person’s cleanliness is where they keep their shoes. People consider it unique since shoes are the dirtiest garment one wears. How you cluster, clean, and arrange them matters as it determines how you’ll plan for the rack. Given the circumstance, the shoe rack design also gives out your preference for footwear and their general contribution towards fashion.

Why you Need a Place for Storing Shoes

If you have ever gone out to a dusty and muddy road, you will appreciate the need for storage. Besides transmitting the dirt throughout the vicinity, it gives you a central place to keep your shoes. It also promotes an orderly way to keep shoes in the house. You surely do not want to meet shoes everywhere.

Considering the number of shoes you have, the size of the storage facility matters. If you have countable pairs of shoes, you can either use a box or standing shoe rack. However, each model has its own merits and demerits. Open shoes can fit in both the shoe box and shoe rack. However, it is advisable to place closed shoes on an open rack for aeration.

The type of shoe storage you prefer should be easy to manage. There are a variety of shoe storage solutions that fit every situation. If you want your shoes to serve you diligently, keep them in a deserving storage box, drawer or rack. Besides maintenance, it promotes order and cleanliness in the house.

Benefits of Storing Shoes Properly

  • Last longer - if you keep your shoes properly, they can serve you for a long period. Storing shoes properly also conditions the shoes to favourable conditions that reduce wear and tear. Shoes kept in boxes give maximum protection from physical damage, although they need occasional airing.
  • Cleanliness - before you keep your shoes, ensure you clean and air them. Even if you did not pass through a dusty or muddy path, wipe them before hanging or storing them. With this, you are guaranteed clean and ready to wear shoes the next time you are going out.

  • Protection - if you leave your shoes scattered all over the place, it might get lost or damaged. Having them in one place protects them from any physical damage.

  • Easier classification - being systematic about how you keep your shoes aids in easier identification. Classification may be based on occasion, style, age, or colour. It helps you know what to wear, when and how.
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