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  1. Material: X Rattan

Depth (cm)
  1. 28 (1)
Height (cm)
  1. 71 (1)
  1. Natural (1)
  1. Umbrella Stands (1)
  1. Umbrella storage (1)
  1. Beech (1)
  2. Gebang palm leaves (2)
  3. Pandanus (3)
  4. Rattan (1)
  5. Water Hyacinth (1)
  6. Wood (1)


Add some stylish storage options to your home with our brilliant range of stands. Make a stand-out entrance in your home with an umbrella stand or get suited and booted with ease with our super practical and contemporary valet stands. All of our stands come in a selection of beautiful designs to match any home design. Choose a cast iron umbrella stand for a modern and neat looking home or opt for a wooden stand for a cosier feel. Valet stands are perfect for every busy professional who needs their uniform neat and tidy each morning.