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Storage Drawers

Short on space? Our storage drawers are perfect for home and office environments when floor space is limited and you need to start storing upwards! Whether you need plastic storage drawers, wicker storage drawers or makeup and jewellery drawers, you won't need to go elsewhere. The Holding Company have a great selection of styles, colours and materials to choose from at great prices so you won't be short on choice.
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Storage Drawers

There are certain areas in the home that seem to be a magnet for accumulating clutter. The space gets cleaned out, then starts to get messy again. The best solution for this kid of space is storage drawers. We have small ones for entryways ideal for keys, wallets and other bits and bobs. Larger ones for sorting out bottom of your wardrobe clutter and some specifically for jewellery and make up to keep everything in order.

Plastic Sotrage Drawers

Plastic Storage Drawers

Our exclusive and best-selling range of plastic storage drawers are one of the best shoe and garment storage systems around. So versatile, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Use in the bottom of your wardrobe or out on display as a feature - even as a room divider!

Wicker Drawers

Wicker Drawers

Our range of contemporary wicker drawers are perfect for everyday use in any home. Whether you simply need to store CDs, DVDs, toys or general storage, The Holding Company have a great selection of modern drawer units and storage wicker drawers in a variety of sizes and colours to freshen up your home interior.

Makeup Jewellery Drawers

Makeup & Jewellery Drawers

Our modern and attractive range of makeup and jewellery drawers were designed to store and organise your makeup and jewellery neatly. The separate compartments allow for easy access and to prevent tangling and damage. They come available in a range of different styles, sizes and colours so that you'll always find the perfect set of drawers for your room.

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