35 Storage Ideas to Transform Your Home

At The Holding Company, we’ve been offering storage solutions to organise your home since 1995. Along with our innovative range of products to tidy every room in your house, we’ve put together a list of our best storage ideas to help you get back the space that you’ve been missing. You don’t have to suffer for space anymore, organising your home is easy and can be the difference between cluttered spaces and the solutions that make your house feel like home.

We’ve asked some of our favourite home and style bloggers to tell us their tips for how storage can make all the difference to your home and life.

Sabina from deepinmummymatters.com starts us off the right way, before we dive in,

“My top tip is to have a sort out before buying your storage. I’ve made the mistake many times of buying new storage so that I could sort into it, only to find that I ditch more that I planned and ultimately could have bought smaller, prettier storage solutions.”

Office Organisation

Hallway Storage Ideas

  1. Start with your shoes

    Your hallway is the first room into your home, so you’ll definitely want to start right. There are plenty of shoe storageideas to choose from, but a great place to start is by investing in a shoe rack to maximise space and organise your footwear, making it easier to see exactly what you have. If you don’t want to have your collection on display, try a shoe cupboard for a sleek and subtle alternative that you can match to the rest of your home.

  2. Wicker baskets for miscellaneous items

    Place a medium-sized wicker basket near your front door for a convenient storage option that you never knew you needed. What you decide to use it for is completely up to you. Whether it’s for umbrellas, bags, hats or pet accessories, a wicker basket is the perfect piece for hiding any universal bits that you need to find a quick home for.

  3. The cupboard under your stairs isn’t just a cupboard

    An oft neglected part of the home with so many potential under stairs storage ideas, utilise this space to completely transform your hallway. Whether you install a drawer for easily access, turn it into a coat closet or opt for a linen closet, the cupboard under the stairs is great for hiding anything you don’t want on display. For bigger projects, why not consider turning it into a pantry for any kitchen overspill?

  4. Wall-mounted hooks

    If you’re limited for space and don’t have the room for a coat stand, install some wall-mounted hooks to economise your hallway. Place above your shoe rack for a bonus space saving tip that sees your shoes and coats paired neatly together. Hooks are also a great way to inject some decor into your room. Go for a series of wooden pegs for a Scandinavian style, or a series of copper hooks for a more rustic tone.

  5. Invest in bigger pieces

    Why not combine some of our previous tips for the ultimate hallway storage idea and invest in a storage bench to line your hallway? Easy to decorate and even easier to stuff full of all the things that you want out of sight.

Living Room Storage

  1. Dust off your DVDs

    An instant way to declutter your living room and create some order is to organise your DVD collection. Of all the greatDVD storage ideas, our personal favourite is to occupy some shelving on the walls, or, if you have more space to work with, install a DVD cupboard for arranging your multimedia.

  2. Baskets and boxes

    A simple but effective trick to spruce up your living room and hide any clutter is to use storage baskets and boxes. Storage baskets look great lined up on shelves, or even hung up on the wall for smaller living rooms. For more decorative pieces that look great on their own, try a storage chest or boxes stacked on top of each other for a homely sidepiece. Acrylic storage boxes are ideal if you want to show off a collection of magazines or books, and double up as a contemporary side table.

    “When you’re designing a family home, storage of all kinds is key to a well-functioning space. This changes as the children grow so it’s clever to be flexible, but things like storage coffee tables, ottomans that double as toy boxes and well organised wardrobes all play a part.”  

    says blogger Jen from lovechicliving.co.uk

  3. Upcycle

    For an inexpensive DIY, upcycle an old bookshelf and lay horizontally for a makeshift storage cubbie. Fill the shelves with wicker baskets or soft-shelled boxes for a cosy finish. Use for any and all household items that you want to keep off the floor and tidied away.

  4. Go vertical

    If floorspace isn’t an option for you, store upwards. Choose storage cabinets and sideboards to make use of any free wall that you might have. Stackable drawers are one of our favourites - stack to your heart’s content and never worry about running out of space again.

  5. Opt for an ottoman

    A living room centrepiece can be as practical as it is stylish. Ottomans are ideal to conceal books, blankets, TV remotes and so much more, as well as being a place to rest your feet after a long day. When choosing a coffee table, go for a tiered one for maximum surface area. Place your favourite, decorative pieces on the top, and then you’ve still got space for anything else underneath.

Ironing Board

Kitchen Storage Ideas

  1. Tupperware

    We don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more satisfying than a well organised pantry. Use plastic tupperware boxes and glass jars to separate and store all of your goods. Think spice racks, but on an even bigger scale. Keep to matching containers for a well-coordinated storage style. If you want to take things even further, label your storage containers so you’ll never get them mixed up.

    Sarah from boorooandtiggertoo.com agrees,
    “Label, label, label... Even the most beautifully presented storage system can be destroyed in moments when you're frantically looking for something. Labelling boxes, drawers, folders and files will make your search less stressful and hopefully quicker too!”

  2. Hook ‘em and hang ‘em

    Don’t let your pots and pans take up valuable space inside your kitchen cupboards. Use hooks to hang up your pans for a space saving idea that’s cheap and effective. We love to line the underneath of shelves with hooks or pegs to keep all of our kitchen bits together. Hooks don’t have to be just for pans either; hang up utensils, mugs and dishcloths. If wall space is tight, make use of the inside of cupboard doors for a hidden storage solution.

  3. Sliding drawers for easy access

    Struggling to reach that spot at the back of your cupboard? Install sliding drawers into your cupboards for an easy way to make the most of every inch of your cupboards. Pull-out wire baskets are the perfect way to store goods and utensils when you’re struggling for space.

  4. Drawer and cupboard organisers

    Organise your drawers and cupboards for a truly satisfying kitchen experience. Turntables are a great way to rotate through the contents of your cupboards. Insertable, additional shelves will ensure that you’re maximising shelf space and drawer organisers will keep cutlery in its rightful place. For a DIY kitchen storage hack, attach a tray or narrow shelf to the back of your cupboard door for addition storage space.Angela Milnes from theinspirationedit.com believes every kitchen needs the right organisers,“There never seems to be enough space in the kitchen for storing all the food, plates and gadgets that I have. The one thing I love are space savers. You can get a space saver which allows you to store all your plates in one are. A freestanding storage shelf increases the space in an area and then I don't have to pile all the small plates on top of the bigs ones. It's a game changer.”

Wicker Baskets

Bathroom Storage Ideas

  1. Shelving racks

    In need of some small bathroom storage ideas? Try fitting some rails to the back of your bathroom door to hang your towels, or install shelves along the top of the door to optimise the space that you do have. Experiment with over the toilet, leaning ladder shelves for an easy way to store the things you need without having to compromise space.

  2. Reuse and recycle

    Who says that storage can’t be stylish? Reuse your old, glass jars in the bathroom to store your beauty essentials. Whether it’s cotton pads, cotton buds, tissues or make up brushes, use old jars to give your bathroom a vintage look. We love to use mason jars.

  3. Hang electronics out of harm’s way

    Keep your electronics up and off any surfaces by fitting hooks onto the inside of the door of the cupboard under your bathroom sink. If you keep your hairdryer, straightener or curler wrapped up, you can simply hang it from the hook on the back of the cupboard door to keep it away from water and harm.

  4. Add an extra tier to your sink

    For such a small space, it’s important to keep your bathroom countertops and surfaces as economical as possible. Try using a metal stand or wooden sink shelf to keep your toothbrush, soap, candle or whatever else you might need off of the bathroom sink.

  5. Small cabinets for small spaces

    You may be reluctant to add any larger furnishings in your bathroom, but if you like the comfort of having some extra storage, opt for a small, narrow cabinet or chest of drawers. Stacking shelves vertically is also a great way of making the most of space in smaller rooms.

Stackable Drawers

Bedroom Storage Ideas

  1. Display your makeup

    Great makeup storage ideas can be found by trying out acrylic makeup containers to show off your favourite lipsticks and blushers. If you have a more extensive collection, invest in stackable acrylic drawers and tiered lipstick stands. Acrylic storage is also ideal for displaying and protecting any delicate jewellery you have.

  2. Don’t forget about your door

    For small bedroom storage ideas, don’t forget to make use of the back of your bedroom door. Hang an over the door rack to keep your coats, dressing gown or bags in order. Keep it simple with basic metal hooks or elevate your bedroom décor with ceramic knobs or wooden pegs.

  3. Utilise the space under your bed

    Run out of storage space? Wardrobe storage ideas running dry? Invest in some baskets or plastic boxes to keep under your bed. Underbed storage is an often forgotten about goldmine of space that not only is easy to access, but is easy to pack away the mess of your room into and keep out of sight. Steph from blog.bay-bee.co.uk talks storing seasonal bedding,

    Nothing beats pulling out the winter duvet when the cold nights arrive, but duvets are big bulky items to store throughout the year. Use vacuum bags to reduce the space they take up.”

  4. Rails for days

    Looking for minimalist clothes storage ideas? Place a clothing rail in the corner of your room for a polished way of keeping any wardrobe overspill and accessories neat and tidy. Some rails even have a built in shelf at the bottom, perfect for keeping your shoes in order or housing storage baskets and boxes. Who says storage can’t be chic?

  5. Use the headboard to hide your things

    Storage space comes in many shapes and forms, the least likely of all is perhaps in the headboard of your bed. Create a built in shelf in the side of your headboard for an easy and convenient way to keep books, magazines, electronics, glasses or ornaments. If you want to create a more obvious statement, make storage the focus of your headboard and install a storage unit to frame your bed. Storage galore.

  6. Mirror, mirror on the wall

    Mirrors have long been known to be a key device to deceive and trick, and with good reason. Utilise the space behind a floor-length or long mirror to store any bits that you can’t find a home for. Mirror storage cases are fixed at the wall by a hinge that reveals a great space behind it to hang jewellery, scarves and other trinkets.

Colour Coded Storage Boxes

Children's Storage Ideas

  1. Think outside of the box

    When it comes to children’s toy storage ideas, get creative. Whilst toy boxes are a classic, they may take up valuable space in your home. Utilise the existing space that you already have, and consider an over the door shoe rack. The pouches are perfect for storing any cuddly toys, dolls or even books, and help to minimise the amount of potential mess you might have on the floor.

  2. Lego can be fun for all

    Don’t let the most painful toy to step on become the most difficult toy to store with our lego storage ideas. Trays are a great way of colour coding lego, or if you prefer something a bit more space saving, stackable drawers are a great option for keeping them neat and tidy. Drawstring lego bags are ideal for packing away quickly and taking with you for on-the-go fun.

  3. Line them up

    Sometimes toys aren’t meant to be packed away, but shown off with pride. Fit some shelves along the wall to keep the toys that mean the most to your children. These won’t take away from any play space, and you’ll never lose a treasured toy again. Shelves are perfect for arranging toys by colour for extra home aesthetic points.

    Becky Goddard-Hill, writer at abeautifulspace.co.uk has your little ones’ art sorted,“One of my favourite storage ideas for children’s art projects is just so simple. It is impossible to keep every huge painting or junk model or collage. BUT you can start a lovely album of photographs and capture and keep everything they create that way.”

Office Storage Ideas

  1. Books aren’t always boring

    Always wanted your own at-home library? Well you can with one of our excellent book storage ideas. You can still show off your book collection if you’re short on space by using a bookcase built into a door or along the wall. Smaller bookcase units also make great side tables or sideboards, which mean you can get twice the benefits for half of the space. Angled bookshelves look great in rooms with limited floor space, and if you don’t have any at all, get creative with a floating bookshelf that is as impressive as it is practical.  

  2. Organise your drawers

    Keep your office in check by using organisers in your drawers. These will ensure you never have an excuse for losing a document or misplacing any stationery ever again. Declutter your desk with trays and drawers units. A tidy desk is the first step in productivity.

    Organiser boxes

  3. Don’t trip

    Loose cables are not only ugly, but can pose a safety issue if you let them get out of hand. Keep any wires secured down with a wire organiser, or hidden altogether with a cable hub. These will keep your cables safe, and save you time having to detangle them when they inevitably end up in a mess of wires.

  4. Peg, pin and cork boards

    If you like to have a visual reminder of any tasks that you need to do, or want to be able to spread your work out for maximum visibility, you definitely need a pin board in your office. Inexpensive yet also simple to make your own, boards are easy to attach or can be leant against the wall from your desk if you’re reluctant to fix anything to the wall. If you’re looking for a more exciting alternative, cork and peg boards are also excellent options for spreading out your notes and documents.

Garage Storage Ideas

  1. Store bikes on the wall

    Bikes might be an awkward thing to store, but don’t let that put you off. For space saving bike storage ideas, attach a wooden ledge to the wall to hang your bike off. If you don’t want to fix a shelf into your wall, attach hooks to the underside of an existing shelf to hang your bike. Keeping your bike off of the ground will save you space and secure you bike for a tidy garage.

  2. Tidy your tools

    Traditional tool boxes are handy for transporting your tools out and about, but if you want to display them in a way that means you can see them all clearly and organise them with ease, opt for a peg board or tool rack. No matter the shape or size of your tools, all you need are a few pegs and hooks to arrange your gadgets and keep them in perfect condition.

  3. A DIY hack that works

    Keep your garage workspace neat and free from clutter by installing “floating” jars that hang from the underside of your shelves. Collect your old glass jars and nail the lids into the bottom of your shelves. Fill your jars with nails, screws, bolts or any other miscellaneous bits you have lying about, and simply screw them onto the lids for a space saving solution that won’t break the bank.

For more great storage solutions, explore our website for an exceptional range of of storage and organisation products. Discover space-saving items and stylish homeware for every room of your house. We’ve provided the tips, so visit theholdingcompany.co.uk to pick up the tools you need to transform your home. And if you can’t bear the thought of transforming your home alone, get in touch with us to find out more about our decluttering service!