Introduce new and much-needed space into your home with our incredible selection of storage units. Whether you need a quick solution to reduce clutter in your home or are looking for a stylish and sleek set of storage units to store loose items, then our range has the solution for you. Available in a range of modern styles and designs, you'll be sure to find the right storage units for you.
  • Metal Storage Cube QBO

    Metal Storage Cube QBO

    A superb Italian modular, metal cube storage system.



  • Chrome Shelving Tower

    Chrome Shelving Tower

    Heavy-duty industrial gauge racking for the ultimate contemporary s...



  • Steel Cube Door QBO

    Steel Cube Door QBO

    Optional metal doors for the QBO metal storage cube range.


  • Three Shelf Chrome Wardrobe

    Three Shelf Chrome Wardrobe

    A contemporary look for clothing storage, in industrial gauge steel...



  • Chrome Wardrobe

    Chrome Wardrobe

    Our ultra heavy-duty chrome wardrobe is quite simply a classic



  • Chrome Wine Rack

    Chrome Wine Rack

    63-bottle wine rack in industrial gauge chromed steel



  • Chrome end of bed unit

    Chrome End of Bed Unit

    Industrial gauge chrome racking that can be tailored to suit your s...



  • Feet for QBO - Single Support

    Feet for QBO - Single Support

    Metal legs to raise your QBO storage cube from the floor.


  • Low Chrome Unit

    Low Chrome Unit

    A four shelf unit in ultra-contemporary chrome, with adjustable she...



  • Deep Chrome Shelving Tower

    Deep Chrome Shelving Tower

    Industrial gauge chrome racking - literally a design classic and pe...



  • Chrome Kitchen Rack

    Chrome Kitchen Rack

    Industrial gauge chrome racking - literally a design classic and pe...



  • Screw Set for QBO

    Screw Set for QBO

    Screw sets to connect your QBO cubes together