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Yangon Rattan Storage Box with Lid


Our Yangon hand woven Yangon Rattan Storage Box with Lid is a welcome addition to any room in the house. A practical box with gorgeous hand woven woven rattan and wooden inserts. Its lift-off lid reveals ample storage space within - ideal for the living room as a coffee table rattan box, or as a blanket box in the bedroom. 

These hugely popular storage boxes have been a best-seller for several years. This rattan is a naturally renewable palm grown from the diverse forests of Burma. Rattan can grow some two centimetres per day, making it a completely sustainable product that is environmentally friendly. Rattan helps to sustain numerous other plants and landscapes and is the quickest developing tropical wood, renewing in just 5-7 years. Rattan is very strong and lasts a long time but when you finally need to throw it out, it degrades into a nice, safe dirt. Sun and soil microorganisms render it without any side effects.

These storage boxes will make your storage a focus point with a great story! 


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SKU: pf_BOX030
Function: Rattan storage
Material: Rattan

Yangon Rattan Storage Box with Lid